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TherMoiré® PS600S Thermal Warpage Measurement Tool

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Leading provider of full-field metrology solutions for substrates and packages in the OEM/CEM/SATS/PCB segments of the microelectronics industry.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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TherMoiré® PS600S Thermal Warpage Measurement Tool

TherMoiré® PS600S Thermal Warpage Measurement Tool


TherMoiré® PS600S Thermal Warpage Measurement Tool


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TherMoiré® PS600S Thermal Warpage Measurement Tool Description:

The TherMoiré® PS600S is a metrology solution that utilizes the shadow moiré measurement technique combined with automated phase-stepping to characterize out-of-plane displacement for samples up to 600 mm x 600 mm. With time-temperature profiling capability, the TherMoiré® PS600S captures a complete history of a sample’s behavior during a user-defined thermal excursion.

The combination of the shadow moiré technique and dynamic temperature profiling is the foundation of the patented TherMoiré® platform. Dynamic profiling is the most effective approach to analyze mechanical behavior induced by real-world processes and operating environments. Using the TherMoiré® PS600S, engineers will gain a better understanding of the interactions of materials, packages, substrates and complete assemblies, allowing for a thorough analysis of the system, improving its reliability and operating performance.

The PS600S is designed to meet the requirements of OEMs, PCB fabs and contract manufacturers who need large board/assembly characterization. With its 600 mm x 600 mm field of view, the PS600S is the largest temperature-dependent metrology tool available for the microelectronics industry.

The PS600S can be used in the laboratory:

  • Failure/defect analysis
  • Quality assurance/quality control
  • High Volume Testing complimented by Part Tracking technology
  • Pass/Fail decisions versus industry standards, streamlined by Real Time Analysis software
  • Shape matching between attaching interfaces via Interface Analysis Software
  • Material and Design Choices
  • FEA Model Validation

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