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AG-X Universal Tester

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments


AG-X Universal Tester Description:

Shimadzu�s new AG-X Autograph testing machine makes measurement a breeze while providing precise, high-speed results. Ideal for a variety of industries, including automotives, for QA/QC or R&D testing of plastics, metals, and other component parts, the AG-X is a powerful solution for your measurement requirements. Along with easy setting of parameters and detailed sampling of important locations, with the use of a USB memory card, users can build a specialized machine by configuring test parameters and saving test results, which allow users to perform analysis anywhere. Measurement is conducted on an instrument that features world-class specifications, such as test force measurement precision of 1/1000 �0.5%, highly rigid large-capacity load cells, 5 kHz sampling, and 1 M pulse/second resolution for accurate control. Additionally, this �smart� instrument performs quick, automatic self-diagnostics to ensure proper functionality. An automatic navigator allows the performance of routine inspections on site, an alarm ensures proper maintenance, and a log transmission allows accurate, rapid communication with service providers.

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