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MicroJet™ Inline PCB Cleaners

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Austin American Technology engineers and manufactures high performance cleaning systems. Our systems include batch and inline; aqueous and solvent; spray in air and spray under immersion with ultrasonics.

Burnet, Texas, USA


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MicroJet™ Inline PCB Cleaners

MicroJet™ Inline PCB Cleaners


MicroJet™ Inline PCB Cleaners


Cleaning Equipment

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Austin American Technology


MicroJet™ Inline PCB Cleaners Description:

Aqueous and Semi-Aqueous PCB Cleaning Systems

The MicroJet™ Inline cleaning System with Progressive Energy Dynamics™ provides the highest level of SMT cleaning available on the market today. Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED™) is a proprietary spray bar design that is the result of years of research and development. Independently targeted precision flow jets impact all four sides of circuit card assemblies removing trapped flux residues from around and under SMT components.

Prewash and Wash

The prewash section can serve as an extension of the wash section (for use with wash chemistry) or operate in a full cascade mode direct to drain. Pressure balance valves and a flow meter are included. The recirculated wash section features Progressive Energy Dynamics which optimizes impingement force and flow without operating at unnecessarily high pressures. Water is heated and recirculated at a flow rate of 120GPM, and an optional chemical injection system can add defoamer.

Final Rinse

The final rinse, which can introduce deionized water into the system, uses as little as 2GPM. The optional closed loop DI regeneration module, allows for complete closed loop operation, greatly reducing facility water consumption. Additionally providing DI water generation capability.

Patented Dynamic Drying

Austin American Technology’s patented Jet Manifold drying system removes water from the PCB without adding heat, eliminating the tendency to “bake” unwanted ionic contamination on to the assembly. This technology also reduces operating costs and increases blower life.

Durable Construction

The MicroJet™ EC in-line system is constructed of high-density polypropylene for excellent chemical compatibility and long life. It has a noncorroding, rigid metal chassis, unibody construction, a detachable load section, and hinged windows at each chamber for easy access. The conveyor employs an automatic tensioning system and torque limiter to protect the drive motor in forward and reverse modes.

MicroJet™ Series Standard Features:


  • Patented Progressive High Energy Spray Manifolds
  • Patented Drying Technology
  • Up to 6-Foot/Min Operation (Completely Dry)
  • Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Low Facility Requirements / Consumption
  • Quiet Operation (under 85 dB)
  • Heppa Dry Air Filtration

System Controls

  • Easy to Read Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Reliable PLC Based Control System
  • Password Protection Standard
  • ETL Listed
  • Conforms to ANSI/UL, NFPA 79, OSHA, SMEMA (height), and NEMA 12.

Progressive Energy Dynamics

  • 7.5Hp Wash Pump
  • 5 Upper and 4 Lower Jet Manifolds
  • 150F (65C) Wash Operation

Patented Drying System

  • 20Hp Mach II+
  • 2 Upper and 2 Lower Mach Manifolds

Pre-Wash Module:

  • 1 Upper, 1 Lower Fan-Jet Manifolds
  • Plumbed From Wash Pump Recirculated

Recirculating Power Wash Module:

  • 63-Gallon Capacity Heated Reservoir
  • Redundant Temperature Control Protection
  • AutoFill for Wash Reservoir
  • Automatic Level Control and Alarm with High-Level Fluid Sensor
  • Upper & Lower Manifold Pressure Gauges
  • Pump Over Current Alarm and Protection

Final Rinse Module:

  • 1 Upper, 1 Lower Fan-Jet Manifolds
  • Cascades to Power Rinse (at 2-4 GPM)
  • Final Rinse Flow Gauge

Dryer Module:

  • HEPA Air Filtration
  • 1 Upper, 1 Lower Air Jet Manifolds
  • Allows for Over 6-fpm System Operation

MicroJet™ Series Models:

MicroJet™ FC - Aqueous / Semi-Aqueous Cleaner

MicroJet™ EC - Aqueous Cleaner

MicroJet™ FC PCB Cleaner

  • Automatic Chemical Manangement System
  • Patented Chemical Isolation System
  • Small Footprint (13'3" x 5' x 5')
  • Quiet Operation (under 85 dB)

Isolation Module:

  • 7.5Hp Blower
  • 2 Upper Jet Air Manifolds
  • 1 Upper, 1 Lower Fan-Jet Wet Isolation Manifolds

Recirculating Power Rinse Module:

  • 37-Gallon Capacity Heated Reservoir
  • 1 Upper, 1 Lower Propriatery Jet Manifolds
  • 130F (54C) Rinse Operation
  • Redundant Temperature Control Protection
  • AutoFill for Rinse Reservoir
  • Automatic Level Control and Alarm with High-Level Fluid Sensor
  • Upper & Lower Manifold Pressure Gauges
  • Pump Over Current Alarm and Protection

MicroJet™ EC PCB Cleaner

  • Aqueous (Water-Only) Operation
  • Optional  Closed Loop Di Generation Facility
  • Small Footprint (10'3" x 5' x 5')
  • Quiet Operation (under 73 dB)

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