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Otek AOI is an Automatic Optic Inspection Equipment developed and manufactured by the GFirst OEIC Co., Ltd., in Xiamen, China. Given the level of operators and the practical manufacturing environment they work in, the design tenet of Otek AOI is its convenience, which makes the equipment very easy to operate. Otek AOI has technical features described below: 1) Strong Inspection Capability Otek AOI adopts independently developed normalized color correlation arithmetic instead of commonly used grayscale correlation arithmetic, utilizes the full RGB color information to achieve better inspection accuracy and stability. Compared with the grayscale correlation arithmetic, the color correlation arithmetic needs twice more information data, which may lower the speed for twice of that of the former. But with the MMX technology specially developed for multimedia application, the Otek AOI can search and gain more information from images within the same or even less time. Color correlation arithmetic can also identify color-marked components, e.g. capacitors, which are but difficult for grayscale correlation arithmetic. By setting the light, Otek AOI differentiates the images with excess or insufficient solder and normal image, and inspects and finds out soldering error. Soldering inspecting arithmetic of Otek AOI has the features of high inspection veracity and low inspecting mistaking ratio. Attachment inspecting arithmetic of Otek AOI relies far less on the absolute position of attachment, which betters its inspection effect under the same even lower positioning precision, compared with other generic products. 2) Strong Self-training Ability Any size or type of component can be trained, by drawing a box surrounding the component, and no special treatment is needed. Otek AOI will finish feature extractions, algorithm selections, and parameter settings automatically. Solder inspection for resistors, capacitors and lead inspection for IC components are almost self- trained, relieving programmers of all the tedious work. Programming can usually be completed in less than 0.5 hours. Inspection arithmetic of Otek AOI is easy for operation, no parameter adjustment and/or special debugging process is needed. Otek AOI software keeps training new templates during inspection, and boards with wrong components can be used during the training process, so no special ��Golden Board�� is required for initial programming. During the training process, Otek AOI will inspect the PCBs and find out errors on the boards��which can help to debug the new boards in product line. 3) Strong Information Collecting and Sharing Ability Otek AOI saves the error information found out during the inspection process into a database. With Otek SPC Module of the software, managers and technicians can accurately train the real-time manufacturing condition in MST product line, and estimate and take action on any kind of abnormal phenomenon. Using the Otek maintaining workstation, the maintenance man can quickly find out the position information about a wrong PCB within its image, by scanning the serial number on the barcode with barcode-scanner. 4) Simple Brief Software Interface Simple and brief software interface and detailed help files facilitate users�� operation of Otek AOI during the inspection process. Familiar windows drag and drop user interfaces greatly reduce training time. Operator trainings are generally less than 4 hours, and programmer trainings are generally less than 8 days. 5) Suitable For All Kinds of Production Environment Only XY coordinates information and BOM file or just printout from pick and place machines are needed to train. There is no need for complicated conversion and to set up and maintain components libraries or packaging libraries. Very suitable for complicated SMT product lines.

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