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E-Business - ERP, SCM and CRM - Consulting, Training and Certification Programs

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eXampleCG enables excellence in organizations, institutions and individuals with Strategy, Operations and E-Business consulting, training and certification programs.

Mumbai, India


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E-Business - ERP, SCM and CRM - Consulting, Training and Certification Programs

E-Business - ERP, SCM and CRM - Consulting, Training and Certification Programs


E-Business - ERP, SCM and CRM - Consulting, Training and Certification Programs



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eXample Consulting Group


E-Business - ERP, SCM and CRM - Consulting, Training and Certification Programs Description:

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency - Bill Gates

E-Business Solutions
The E-Business solutions practice is clued on three areas that form the backbone of organizational performance namely ERP, CRM and Business Performance management. We undertake full cycle project execution of Oracle E-Business Suite of solutions spanning ERP, SCM, CRM, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

In specific, we provide expert-level Oracle E-Business suite Functional, Technical & Apps Data base administration services to our esteemed clients. Our consulting resources are some of the most highly qualified and skilled in their respective industries.

We specialize in the Oracle Applications marketplace, providing leading expertise in the following areas:

Release 11i/12 Implementations
Systems Architecture
Performance Tuning
Oracle Apps Development
Oracle Apps DBA

Release 11i/12 Upgrades

Example Consulting Group offers Oracle EBS 11i to R12 upgrade & Optimization programs. We truly understand that merely a Technology stack upgrade will not resolve any open issues or address the pain areas of the business instead we at eXampleCG believe in adding value & realizing the Business road map by ERP Processes optimization.

The best possible opportunity to implement the Optimization program is during the Oracle EBS upgrade. Example CG has some of the most experienced upgrade specialists in the market.

We adhere to the Oracle standard upgrade approach and methodology towards Applications upgrades to ensure that a quick, efficient, and quality upgrade is performed.

Release 11i/12 Implementations

Implementations under Oracle Release 11i/12 require a coordinated team with a broad range of skills and experience to work together in an efficient and effective manner. From project managers to developers, or from functional business analysts to Applications DBAs, Example CG can provide you with an entire implementation team, or just key resources to fill gaps within your existing team.

Systems Architecture

Because of the many new complexities of the Oracle E-Business Suite, Systems Architecture is no longer a function that can be overlooked or downplayed when performing an upgrade or implementation. Improper architectures have been the cause of failure for many deployments and the source of so many cost/budget overruns that it is almost impossible to count.

With technically complex Oracle products like Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR), CRM, and internet based products like Oracle iProcurement, the architecture needs for the Oracle E-Business Suite are no longer just limited to the core financials products.

Performance Tuning

It used to be that when you had a performance problem with the Oracle Applications, you could immediately focus on the Oracle database to determine the cause. Today, with the many tools and components that support the Oracle E-Business Suite of products, the RDBMS is just one of the many components that have to be tuned and optimized in order to provide an efficient and effective thin client environment operating under Oracle's Internet Computing Architecture (ICA).

eXampleCG performance consultants are highly skilled and experienced in the various components of the ICA. From the ‘JInitiator’ running on the user PC, across the network to the Apache web server and 9iAS, to the Developer 6i Forms server to the Oracle 8i or 9i to 10g database, our performance consultants can optimize and tune the numerous software components, as well as size and configure the associated hardware components.

Oracle Apps Development

It used to be that Oracle Applications Development could be performed by an individual that knew a few tools and a little PL/SQL. With Release 11i/12, it is no longer just Forms and Reports. Oracle Apps developers not only need to be fluent with Developer 6i, they also have to be proficient in PL/SQL, Java, JSP, JDBC as well as other new languages and technologies to make the custom solutions work in the new, complex Oracle E-Business infrastructure.

Unfortunately, to be successful, knowledge of the new development tools is simply not enough. Experience and knowledge of developing these complex solutions within the Oracle Applications environment is critical to designing and developing high quality, accurate solutions that work the first time.

eXampleCG applications Developers have extensive experience in AOL development, and combine their development skills with their Oracle Applications knowledge and experience to produce the best quality solutions to our clients.

Oracle Apps DBA

With Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i/12, the complexity of work performed by the Applications DBA has grown significantly.

Each release of 11i/12 has changed the complex technology stack - in some cases making subsequent upgrades to newer versions very difficult, if not possible. With new database versions like Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g, new products like Oracle 9iAS and Apache, and over 170 Oracle Application products to integrate under the Internet Computing Architecture (ICA), the knowledge and skills required just to keep the system running has increased to the point where companies have to maintain teams of Apps DBAs just to try to keep up.

All of the eXampleCG Apps DBAs are skilled trainers and presenters, so when it comes to transferring knowledge to your existing DBA staff, you can rest assured that our Apps DBAs will not only "do the job", but "show you how to do the job". Our DBAs provide both onsite and remote services.

Leverage our experience, knowledge, and skills by utilizing our Apps DBAs and reap the benefits of our expertise to ensure that your Apps DBA needs are satisfied.

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