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Pre-Printed Label Presenters

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IDENTCO is an international company that provides durable labels and functional die cut parts to the Automotive, Electronics, Industrial, and Medical markets. Specializing in auto-apply labels & feeders for SMT pick and place machines.

Ingleside, Illinois, USA


  • Phone 815-385-0011

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Pre-Printed Label Presenters

Pre-Printed Label Presenters


Pre-Printed Label Presenters

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IDENTCO International Corporation


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Earning the reputation as the best auto-apply label converter" in the marketplace, IDENTCO leads the industry by providing innovative automation solutions. Automations solutions are engineered to combine the appropriate label material, liner, and ribbon combination to meet or exceed your labeling requirements. IDENTCO helps customers optimize their investment in automation technologies with precision die-cutting of a wide variety of materials. Combining IDENTCO’s industry expertise with a Hover-Davis Preprinted Label Presenter (Feeder) provides increased speed and accuracy for manufacturers who seek to perfect labeling operations and control data delivery through labeling.

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