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MVP Selecta - Bottom-Side Selective Solder AOI

MVP Selecta - Bottom-Side Selective Solder AOI

MVP Selecta - Bottom-Side Selective Solder AOI


MVP Selecta - Bottom-Side Selective Solder AOI



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Machine Vision Products, Inc

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Machine Vision Products, Inc

MVP is a market innovator and leader in imaging technologies for Surface Mount, Microelectronics and Packaging Technologies providing solutions for both commercial and military applications.

Vista, California, USA


  • Phone 7604381138

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MVP Selecta - Bottom-Side Selective Solder AOI Description:

The MVP Selecta is a new product designed to complement your selective solder system and allows you to inspect the components soldered by your bottom-side soldering solution. MVP’s Selecta allows for full bottom-side inspection of all wave and reflowed solder joints, PTH and SMT components. The Selecta can be used to ensure the quality in your second side process.

  • Complements your Selective
  • Solder Processes
  • Full Bottom-Side Inspection
  • Inspect Wave, Reflow, PTH and
  • SMT Solder Joints
  • Up to 15” x 18” Board Size
  • Full In-Line Operation
  • Easy-To-Use Performance Based
  • Programming
  • Cost Effective Inspection Solution
  • Bottom-Side inspection for PTH Components
  • Full Solder Joint Inspection and Measurement

Coverage For Your Selective Soldering Process

MVP has created a new standard for the bottom-side AOI by bringing the key elements of our high performance systems such as structured lighting, flying camera image acquisition, and rule based, library driven inspection software to the MVP Selecta AOI system. Incorporating the key technical elements of MVP’s existing in-line AOI tools, the Selecta offers complete defect coverage, low false calls, and high speed usually only available on in-line systems

Quad Color Technology

MVP’s Quad-Color Technology allows faster inspection cycle times while increasing inspection capabilities. Additionally, it helps broaden the defect coverage and lower false rejects.

Tri-Color Technology complements MVP’s wide range of award winning AOI products and further allows the introduction of flexible solutions with the capability to increase performance and speed metrics at the same time.

Quad COlor Technology

Software Tools and Quality Control

Innovative tools such as ePro, Validate, Auto-Optimize and iRepair, ease the programming process while still providing the highest quality programs.

MVP AOI Software

Global Service and Support

MVP recognizes the global nature of the electronics industry and has set itself up in a position to be able to follow its customers around the globe. As a consequence, a cornerstone of our service strategy is to provide local support so that close client partnerships can be developed and maintained over time.

MVP's application engineering support is provided by our local distributor in each country and by our three head offices, the world headquarters in California, the European head office in the UK, and MVP's Asia-Pacific office in Shanghai, China. We offer local engineering support within 24 hours, and application engineers from headquarters are available for assistance within 36 hours.

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