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ADJUST-A-VAC® Vacuum Tweezer Kits

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A leading supplier of manual vacuum handling solutions to the worlds high technology firms.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


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ADJUST-A-VAC® Vacuum Tweezer Kits

ADJUST-A-VAC® Vacuum Tweezer Kits


ADJUST-A-VAC® Vacuum Tweezer Kits


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Virtual Industries, Inc.


ADJUST-A-VAC® Vacuum Tweezer Kits Description:

Vacuum tweezers allo you to pick components up from the side, top or a corner.  Easily pick and place curved, flat or odd shaped small parts with our gentle-touch single-point vacuum tweezer. The ADJUST-A-VAC was developed as a result of customer concerns about manual handling of very thin/delicate substrates, wafers, MEMS devices and other very fragile components. This vauum-tweezer allows the operator to adjust the vacuum level from just below atmospheric pressure to up to ten inches of mercury depending on the fragility of the part being handled. An integrated ten segment bar-graph-display visibly shows the vacuum level present during handling operations. The bar graph will show minmum vacuum pressure until a part is grasped and then the bar graph displays the vacuum level presented to the part being handled. Additionally, the vacuum port integrates a user replaceable inlet filter that protects operation of the tool from dust particles.

This Kit Includes:

  • Adjustable knob for vacuum level.
  • 5 feet of coiled vacuum hose (VCH-2.5MM-5-BLK).
  • A set of ten vacuum tips (VCS-10-PUR).
  • Five vacuum tip holders on top of tool.
  • A vacuum pick-up handle (VVP-200-2.5MM).
  • Bar graph power-on and vacuum-level indicator.
  • Rubber no-skid feet.
  • ESD ground connection is by three wire power cord included.
  • Produces vacuum of up to ten inches of mercury.
  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Long-life pump.
  • Optional: Foot switch for component release.
Quantity Pricing Available - Please call (719) 572-5566 for more information

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