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At Present the company is concentrating to meet Quick turn around/prototype and a Pilot Order requirement of :- Double Sided Pth & Multilayer upto 12 layers Printed Circuit Bare Board Material FR � 4 ( Nema � Grade ) with board thickness as per customer Requirements from 0.40 mm. To 3.20mm. With 6 mil track / 6 mil spacing 8 mil fine pitch SMDs. Minimum Hole size of 16 mil. Blind & Buried via Pcbs, SMD or Non- SMD BGA Controlled Impedence Pcbs. Board Finish can be given SMOBC with PISM, HASL or Elecrtoless Ni/Gold. Bare Board Testing will be done on Universal Tester for Non-SMD Pcbs On Flying Probe tester for SMD Pcbs.

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