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Orchid develops custom electronic products for OEM's.

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc. are experts in the electronic product development of  industrial controls , Intel architecture, medical, telecom, Communications, and DSP designs.  Today's electronic product development requires the skillful blend of expert hardware and software engineering together with a spirit of creativity and innovation, tempered by the practical concerns of manufacturability, cost consciousness, testability and on-time delivery. With hundreds of successful project completions, Orchid is uniquely suited to engineer your concept into reality.

Orchid will work with your idea, perform detailed design, construct prototype units, refine the prototype design and manufacture your electronic product. Fast. Accurately. On time and on budget.  Our web site features detailed Design Notes. You can browse through the notes online at www.orchid-tech.com or download a PDF for printing or to pass on to a colleague.

Some of our product design completions include: Intel ATOM Embedded Computing Core -Intel ATOM/Menlow Embedded Controller-Power-PC MPC8485 ATCA Carrier- MicroTCA Diamondville Computing Board-ComExpress Based ATOM Network Engine- Pentium IV / 845E High Performance Controller-Ultra-low Power Pentium III eATX Board-Freescale I.MX27 Personal Computing Device-TMS320C6713 Floating Point Processor- Advanced 24 Bit Precision Analog Circuit Design-TMS320C6713 Floating Point Processor -Advanced 24 Bit Precision Analog Circuit Design-Advanced LiI Battery Charge Controller-  XScale IXP425 XFS/XFO WAN Soho Router.

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Cockpit Audio / Video Communications

Orchid Technologies was selected to develop a multi-channel data logging cockpit communications system. Supporting up to four microphones, two NTSC video channels, a variety of general purpose I/O with daylight visible LED enunciators was essential....

Obsolete Product Redesign

Orchid Technologies was selected to update the electronics design of the Precision LCR Instrument. Visit our website at www.orchid-tech.com to review our designs....

CAN-Bus Steering Angle Sensor

This microprocessor based steering angle sensor provides real-time steering angle data over the CAN-Bus. Automotive electronics present demanding requirements to the electronic product designer. High volume, low cost and highly rugged, feature packed...

AdvancedTCA Carrier Blade

AdvancedTCA Carrier Blade electronics design demands the most from any engineering team. Visit www.orchid-tech.com to view our AdvancedTCA Carrier blade design....

Dual Altera Cyclone FPGA Devices

Orchid Technologies' latest circuit board design features dual Altera Cyclone devices. Dual Cyclone devices perform high speed video image management, video enhancement and video capture services. Visit www.orchid-tech.com to view designs....

Medical Electronic Product Design

Medical electronic product design can take many forms. The medical electronic product shown below assists patients in the seemingly simple act of coughing. Simply coughing can be most difficult for people with certain illnesses. Orchid begins by embr...

Medical Electronic Product Design

Elevator Controller Redesign

First Floor — The Challenge The design of Elevator Control Systems presents a unique mix of sophisticated computer control needs blended with industrial strength power switching requirements. Primary control signaling and contactor switching are p...

Elevator Controller Redesign

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The Redesign of a High Reliability Avionics Power Supply

Sep 09, 2009 | Paul Nickelsberg, President and Senior Engineer with Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting

Power supply design for avionics has become an area of increased activity over the past few years. New to the market are industrial quality, high current, lithium based battery systems. Available from a wide variety of vendors, these batteries are characterized by their low weight and high- energy availability......

New Life for Aging Electronic Products

Oct 01, 2008 | Paul Nickelsberg, President and Senior Engineer, Orchid Technologies.

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers, (OEM’s), struggle to continue shipping aging or obsolete electronic products. Electronic products designed five to ten years ago are still relevant in the marketplace. Often these venerable old products have gained particular acceptance amongst a select group of customers. In many cases these old products fulfill a need in a unique manner. Examples include: designs that are grandfathered into an application due to regulatory considerations; designs having unique form-fit-and-function; designs running special software ; designs subject to contractual support and service requirements; designs in which a new contract stipulates delivery of older gear as part of a larger system offering. Any one or all of these reasons can lead an OEM to continue the production of electronic equipment well into its end of useful component life...

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Orchid Technologies Designs Intel ATOM Z540 Processor Board

Dec 01, 2009 | Electronic Product Design

Orchid Technologies Designs Solar Power System

Sep 18, 2009 | Orchid Technologies’ custom high capacity energy storage designs are proven safe and tough.

Orchid Technologies Unveils a New Intel ATOM Processor Core Design

Aug 14, 2009 | The result is a highly integrated circuit board solution customized for your applications needs.

Orchid Technologies completes industrial motion control design

Jul 29, 2009 | High-power industrial motion control is a demanding art requiring a mix of power electronics techniques coupled with modern digital signal processing.

Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc., designs new avionics audio system

Jun 12, 2009 | Orchid Technologies featured in COTS Journal

Paul Nickelsberg, President of Orchid Technologies featured in MassDevice Journal

Jun 05, 2009 | Paul Nickelsberg, spoke at MDG Forum: Why medical devices fail and what you need to do to prevent it from happening

Paul Nickelsberg, President of Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc., will speak at Medical Development Group

May 29, 2009 | hy Devices Fail and What You Need To Do To Prevent This From Happening

Orchid Technologies Sponsors Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference

May 05, 2009 | Orchid specializes in custom electronic product design

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