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Partner Wire - Lead Free Solder Wires

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The UK's largest producer of ultra pure solder alloys for the electronics assembly and HASL industry across Europe.

Linlithgow, United Kingdom


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Partner Wire - Lead Free Solder Wires

Partner Wire - Lead Free Solder Wires


Partner Wire - Lead Free Solder Wires


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DKL Metals Ltd


Partner Wire - Lead Free Solder Wires Description:

DKL Metals offer a range of flux cored solder wires in a variety of alloy specifications including SN100C (SnCuNi), E-Qual 97TSC (SAC305), E-Qual 96TSC (SAC387), Alloy 23 (SnCu) and Alloy 28 (SnAg). A selection of our more popular products are detailed below. The lead free wire range continues to grow as demand for these products increase and whilst we do our best to keep our website up to date please contact us if you require information on products not listed.

Partner Wire LF3135NC - Lead Free Activated Rosin Flux

PARTNER WIRE LF3135NC is a new product developed for all lead-free solder alloys and applications. The new activator system is based on a successful two step activator. PARTNERWIRE LF3135NC is designed for applications where higher activation with less residues are required.

Partner Wire LF2220NC - Lead Free, No Clean, Halide Free Cored Solder Wire

PARTNER WIRE LF2220NC is designed for lead-free hand soldering and repair on both lead free and tin/lead soldered board. The unique activation system guarantees very low residues after soldering. The new activator allows for fast wetting especially on critical surfaces and the post soldering residues remain clear at the higher process temperatures required for lead free soldering.

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