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BGA rework BGA welding BGA welding equipment

BGA rework BGA welding BGA welding equipment

BGA rework BGA welding BGA welding equipment


BGA rework BGA welding BGA welding equipment


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BGA rework BGA welding BGA welding equipment Description:

BGA rework BGA welding BGA welding equipment

Power source: AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Work rate: 4500 W
Heating power: Temperature range of the upper temperature range of 800 W lower temperature range of the IR 2400 W, 1200 W
Electrical materials: Large screen panel (touch screen + PLC and temperature control module
Temperature control: K type thermocouple closed-loop control, independent temperature measurement, temperature accuracy range + / - 3 ℃
Location: V card slot PCB location
Installation dimensions: L535×W650×H600 mm
PCB size: Max 355×335 mm Min 50×50 mm
Machine weight: 30kg

Independent of the temperature range of three temperature control system:

Upper and lower temperature zone of hot air heating, IR preheating zone (350 x 220) as the infrared heating, accurate temperature control in the plus or minus 3 ℃, the temperature can be set up and down 8 period of warming and 8 period of constant temperature control, and can store 100 groups of temperature curve, according to different BGA invoked at any time;

Hot air on BGA chip and PCB at the same time for local heating, at the same time, along with a large area of infrared heater to heat the bottom of the PCB, can completely avoid the deformation of the PCB in the process of repair;By choosing to use temperature range of the upper or lower temperature area alone, and free combination and heating element energy;

IR preheating zone, the output power can be adjusted in accordance with the actual requirement, can make the PCB heated evenly.External temperature measuring interface implementation for detecting the precision of temperature, may at any time to the actual collection of BGA temperature curve analysis and proofreading;

Multi-function humanized operating system:

The machine USES high definition touch screen man-machine interface (or mouse operation), high precision temperature control system, with high precision K type thermocouple closed-loop control, real-time temperature curve on a touch screen display;The upper left and right before and after the temperature zone can be manually move freely;

Equipped with a variety of different sizes of alloy hot wind tsui, can rotate 360 °, easy to change, can be customized according to the actual requirement

Micro-adjustment to BGA weld zone support framework, supporting height to limit the PCB welding area local subsidence;

Multifunctional PCB positioning bracket, can the X direction, PCB location convenient, at the same time for the opposite sex plate installation location;

Of the PCB by cross-flow fan power rapidly cooling, to prevent the deformation of PCB;Built-in vacuum pump at the same time, external vacuum chuck, convenient and quick to take take BGA chip;

The superior safety protection function after soldering or desoldering has alarm function, under the condition of temperature control, can automatically power circuit and has dual overtemperature protection function.Temperature parameters with password protection to prevent any changes such as multiple security protection and fool proof function, have superior security protection function, make sure to avoid repair in any abnormalities in the PCB and the damaged components damage and machine itself.

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