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Thermography Test Services

Thermography Test Services


Thermography Test Services


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Since 1982, STI Electronics, Inc. (STI) has been the premier full service organization for training, consulting, laboratory analysis, prototyping, and small- to medium-volume PCB assembly in the electronics industry.

Madison, Alabama, USA

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Thermography Test Services Description:

Thermal infrared (IR) imaging analysis aids dramatically in characterizing an electronics assembly’s thermal dissipation and identifying peak junction temperatures of the populated component set. The results from IR Thermography testing can influence printed wiring assembly design and thermal interface material selection to ensure low component junction temperatures and/or adequate assembly-level thermal dissipation. Conversely, IR Thermography testing may be used to identify a troublesome component or circuit within an assembly on either a lab workbench or as deployed in the field.

  • Assembly Thermal Profiling
  • Component Tj Analysis
  • Electronics Failure Analysis

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