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ICI FX 160 Firefighter Infrared Camera

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Since 1997, Infrared Cameras Inc. has been a global leader in infrared camera systems and training. We design, manufacture, and sell flir (forward looking infrared) cameras.

Beaumont, Texas, USA


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ICI FX 160 Firefighter Infrared Camera

ICI FX 160 Firefighter Infrared Camera


ICI FX 160 Firefighter Infrared Camera



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Infrared Cameras Inc.


ICI FX 160 Firefighter Infrared Camera Description:

The ICI FX-160 is a rugged, portable, thermal imager; built to withstand extreme environments with a rating of IP 67. It has a drop test rating of 5.9 feet. Its one handed operation makes it simple and easy to use. The large 3.5” LCD display produces an exceptional image. An optional kevlar coating allows operating temperatures up to 650° Celsius. This camera was specifically designed for firefighting applications.

Fire control and management; whether for natural resource fires, crash fires, or urban building fires, fire control presents many challenges to those who are fighting fires and managing the fight. Infrared technology is being increasingly recognized as essential in timely fire rescue operations where lives are at stake. ICI infrared cameras are a "natural" fire fighters tool in the effort to gain this valuable real-time tactical information. Since it is a technology designed to sense and display heat signatures, the cameras provides “sight” in dark and smoke filled environments, which is invaluable in the decision making process. Infrared thermal imaging systems are being integrated into fire control, management and firefighting services throughout the world. Infrared Cameras, Inc. offers solutions that meet and exceed the operational needs of these applications.

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