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SCH Technologies offers a range of conformal coating solutions including global subcontract conformal coating and parylene services, equipment & systems,conformal coatings, consultancy & training.

Adhesives/Dispensing, Turnkey, Consultant, Distributor, Manufacturer's Rep

SCH Technologies offers a complete range of conformal coating solutions including

  • full subcontract conformal coating and parylene services across North America, Europe and Asia
  • Conformal coating application systems and equipment, UV cure and Inspection Systems and Parylene Coating Machines
  • Electronics process materials including conformal coatings, RFI shielding paints and epoxy compounds
  • Global consultancy & training solutions.

Our solution-focused approach to coating applications including conformal coatings, parylene, RFI/EMI shielding, encapsulation and potting ensures a painless alternative to traditional outsourcing, process improvement and coating materials development in an increasingly difficult market.

SCH Technologies is unique in the electronics industry in that it can provide global conformal coating solutions for customers without compromise. With over 21 years of working in conformal coating, there is a lot of expertise within that can be passed through to the end users.

Our customer-focused approach to conformal coating ensures we provide exactly what a customer needs whether that is coating services, a range of equipment, different process materials, training and or technical support.

SCH have a wide range of capabilities that gives a unique perspective and advantage to our customers.

SCH Technologies Postings

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Setting Up a Conformal Coating Facility

Nov 06, 2013 | Dr Lee Hitchens

The set up of a turnkey conformal coating production line or facility, whether it is a batch or inline process, has many similar characteristics. Whether the coating application is based around a high volume selective coating robot, a batch dip coating system or a spray booth, the process requirements tend to be the same. This bulletin reviews the potential needs of the facility, including the process controls, environmental needs and health and safety issues and provides some starting points for a new facility....

Successful Conformal Coating Masking

Oct 22, 2013 | Dr Lee Hitchens

In conformal coating many components and printed circuit board locations must remain uncoated due to the insulating nature of the coating. The purpose of the conformal coating masking materials is to prevent migration of the conformal coatings into components that need to clear and designated keep out areas. This applies to both liquid conformal coating and Parylene processing. Get this basic process wrong and it can be a big problem, leading to the next stage of either repairing the conformal coating leak, stripping the conformal coating off the circuit board, removing a component to replace it or scrapping the board. This paper reviews typical masking application methods in conformal coating and provides advice on minimising problems. ...

Conformal Coating Thickness Measurement

Oct 13, 2013 | Dr Lee Hitchens

The measurement of the conformal coating thickness on a printed circuit board (PCB) to ensure internal and international standards are met is now a critical factor in conformal coating process control. There are several methods for measurement of conformal coating thickness and they fall into two categories. These categories are wet film measurements applied during coating application and dry film measurements made after the coating is dried enough not to damage the coating....

Designing Circuit Boards for Selective Robotic Coating Application

Oct 13, 2013 | Dr Lee Hitchens

Designing circuit boards for selective robotic spraying of conformal coating can be straightforward if you follow some design rules. Follow them and you can save money and time in your application process. However, if the rules are not followed, the resultant circuit board design can challenge even the most sophisticated conformal coating system and its operator to achieve the finish desired. ...

Choosing the Right Valve for a Selective Robotic Conformal Coating Application Process

Oct 13, 2013 | Dr Lee Hitchens

When investigating the option of a selective conformal coating process it is crucial to consider the right robotic system and valve combination for the material and circuit board that you wish to coat. To fail to do this can lead to difficult process problems in the production line. This article reviews the various valves available and how they can be used with the typical conformal coating materials in the market and highlights some of the key considerations....

The Importance of Viscosity in Conformal Coating Process Control

Oct 13, 2013 | Dr Lee Hitchens

There are numerous factors which directly affect the conformal coating process to greater or lesser degrees. Those which have major impacts irrespective of the substrate / PCB and assemblies include choice of coating material and method of application. Whether conformal coating boards by dip, robot, batch spray or brush methods the viscosity of the coating is a critical factor in the overall process control....

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