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Yamaha CL feeders and spare parts replacements

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Yamaha CL feeders and spare parts replacements Description:

Feeders: 8x4mm feeder 8x2mm feeder 12mm feeder 24mm feeder 32mm feeder 44mm feeder 56mm feeder 72mm feeder 88mm feeder Spare parts: K87-M1140-00X TAPE GUIDE-C K87-M1199-10X DRIVE GEAR ASSY. KW1-M1192-00X INDENTATION LVR ASSY. K65-M257M-00X O-RING K87-M111H-20X BACK STOPPER K87-M112A-20X BACK LEVER ASSY. FV-8MM K87M112L-10X SPROCKET AXIS ASSY. K87-M114A-10X LOCK LEVER ASSY FV-D,E K87-M119C-00X METAL LEVER ASSY. FV-8MM K87-M119G-10X DRIVER ROLLER FV-8MM K87-M119J-00X THRUST WASHER K87-M119L-10X IDLER ROLLER ASSY. FV-8MM K87-M219G-00X ROLLER FV-12MM K87-M219L-00X ROLLER FV-12MM K87-M559K-000 INDEX GEAR FV24-72MM K87-M1120-10X SPROCKETASSY. , CL-FV K87-M1132-10X CLAMP LEVER ASSY. K87-M1185-00X CYLINDER FV-8MM K87-M1191-00X GEAR ASSY, FV-8MM K87-M1192-00X INDENTATION LVER ASSY., FV-8MM K87-M1196-00X SUB-LEVER FV-8MM K87-M1320-10X SPROCKET, FV-8MM K87-M2191-00X GEAR ASSY., FV-12MM K87-M2199-00X DRIVER GEAR K87-M1199-00X DRIVER GEAR K98-M9283-00X CYLINDER BDA16X25. KG2-M3407-A0X AIR JOINT FEEDER KG2-M9102-00X PULLEY ASSY. KW1-M111T-00X SCREW THIN HEAD KW1-M112A-00X RACKING LVER ASSY., CL-8MM KW1-M119F-00X DRIVER ROLLER ASSY. KW1-M119L-00X DRIVER ROLLER ASSY. KW1-M119P-00X SPRING KW1-M222A-00X RACKING LEVER ASSY KW1-M1112-00X KNOCK PIN (FRONT) KW1-M1140-00X TAPE GUIDE FV-8MM KW1-M1192-00X INDENTATION LVER ASSY KW1-M1340-00X TAPE GUIDE FFV-8X2MM KW1-M2285-00X CYLINDER CL-12-16MM K87-M2395-00X GEAR FOR YMH FEEDER

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