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Thermodime - Diamond Interface Material

Thermodime - Diamond Interface Material

Thermodime - Diamond Interface Material


Thermodime - Diamond Interface Material

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Electrospell manufactures high performance materials for electronics industries. These include thermal interface materials, EMI suppression materials, SMT and PCB assembly materials and a variety of cleaning products.

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Thermodime� diamond heat transfer compound from Electrospell is an ultra high thermal conductivity thermal interface material composed of pure surface-modified diamond microcrystals suspended in a special carrier fluid. The product comes in a 1 ml syringe pack but is also available in 25 ml containers for use with automated dispensing machines. The application fluid ensures that the material spreads instantly and uniformly to fill all cracks and voids between the component and the heat sink. The carrier liquid then evaporates leaving a pure binder-free stable diamond particle film that transfers heat extremely well. Due to the large surface coverage potential of Thermodime 1 ml can coat as much as 1 square meter of surface area thus offering very good performance to price ratio. Thermodime� has been designed for demanding thermal management applications and can be used with all electronic components such as power LEDs, voltage regulators, power transistors, IGBTs etc. This product is available for shipping now. Further information is available from Electrospell's web site. Contact Electrospell with all purchase enquiries.

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