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CS40 Benchtop Automated Pick and Place Machine

CS40 Benchtop Automated Pick and Place Machine

CS40 Benchtop Automated Pick and Place Machine


CS40 Benchtop Automated Pick and Place Machine


Pick & Place

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DDM Novastar Inc

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DDM Novastar Inc

Turnkey SMT assembly solutions, manual & automated stencil printers, manual & automatic pick & place systems with dispensers, wave solder & selective solder machines, lead free solder reflow ovens, component counters, & thru-hole

Ivyland, Pennsylvania, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place, Screen Printing, Selective Soldering, Soldering

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CS40 Benchtop Automated Pick and Place Machine Description:

Cost effective automatic pick and place machine, built with the highest quality at affordable capital expenditure.

Benchtop model with advanced, low cost solutions for low volume SMT placement applications. The CS40 Pick and Place Machine is specifically designed for pick & place operations at facilities where quick set-up, ease of operation are paramount. 

  • The highest quality at affordable capital expenditure
  • Easy to set up, easy to use friendly Windows®-based software
  • Placement rates up to 2100 cph
  • Accurately places a wide range of components including 0402s, 25 mil QFPs, LED's, SMT connectors and many others
  • Precision placement head design
  • Up to 64 tape feeders, 96 8mm tape feeders with 12 lane bank feeders
  • Easily interchangeable tape, loose, tube, or tray feeders
  • Fiducial correction
  • Integrated on-the-fly component centering
  • Auto tool changer with up to 4 nozzles - 8 nozzles optional
  • Minimal maintenance required 

Max board size:

13.5” x 22” (343mm x 560mm)

Smallest component capability:

0402 components

Largest component size:

1.378” (35mm) square body

Placement accuracy:

± 0.004" (0.15mm)

Max placement rate:

2100 cph

Typical verifiable placement rate:

1000 - 1800 cph

Fine pitch capability:

To 25 mil pitch (0.635mm)

Max travel area:

22” (X axis) x 22” (Y axis) (560mm x 560mm)

Overall dimensions:

40” x 42” x 25" (1016mm x 1067mm x 635mm)

Max no. of feeders (8mm tape):


Max no. of feeders with L-GB-12 bank feeders:


Tape feeders:

8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44 mm (Electrical)

Vibratory Feeders:

Loose, tube, stick (frequency & amplitude control)

Matrix Tray Feeders:

With Board/Matrix tray holders

Laser Centering:

Not available

Vision system:

Color CCD card camera

Dispenser Option:

Up to 10,000 dots/hour

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