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Symbion P36 Plus - SPI System

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Orpro Vision supplies AOI systems and SW for the SMT market. With two headquarters in Germany and USA, we operate in the European, American, African and Israeli markets. We provide best-in-class post-reflow and post-soldering AOI.

Hameln, Germany


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Symbion P36 Plus - SPI  System

Symbion P36 Plus - SPI  System


Symbion P36 Plus - SPI System



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Orpro Vision GmbH


Symbion P36 Plus - SPI System Description:

Symbion P36 is an inline high-speed API solution that delivers 100% coverage for improving your product quality and boosting your productivity.

  • Post-Paste AOI
  • Instant Programming
  • Easy Gerber Import
  • 2D/3D Laser Path

Superior POP™ Detection Technology

Unlike other paste inspection solutions that have to compromise on either speed or resolution, Symbion P36 Plus’ patented POP technology employs a revolutionary approach to inspection that achieves the very highest resolution at or above line speed. POP utilizes an optimized scanning technique with two scan lines operating simultaneously via independent optical channels for 3-D and 2-D image acquisition. This enables 100% full board coverage and precise measurements of solder paste deposit volume, area, shape, and location. Orbotech’s unique 3-D laser triangulation method provides a clear, angled view for solder paste height mapping at the fine resolution of 5 μm. A true 2-D laser illumination channel ensures excellent top views of the solder paste at 20 x 20 μm resolution. The result is an exceptionally quick and complete picture of each solder paste deposit with virtually no false calls. Powerful image processing algorithms and techniques ensure highly accurate measurement, detection and classification.

For extra detection coverage on critical or challenging components or deposits, the system can be programmed to conduct intelligent BOM-linked solder paste analysis based on component and package-specific attributes with userdefined thresholds and inspection tolerances. To compensate for board warpage that can often be much greater than the solder paste deposit height, specially designed algorithms, optical techniques and hardware automatically adjust for an entire range of warpages (+3, - 6mm) during board scanning.

Symbion P36 Plus is a real measurement system with Gage R&R of less than 10% for typical process tolerances.

Ultra Fast Inspection Speed

The system is enhanced with streamlined architecture and powerful detection techniques for high throughput. It requires very little user interaction and has no need for constant attention, giving you maximum productivity. POP’s optimized image acquisition and “on-the-fly” image processing quickly inspect the entire board. Wizard & Go makes programming and setup fast and efficient. With a scan speed of up to 60 cm²/sec., Symbion P36 Plus keeps pace with your line speed today and is ready for when your throughput requirements increase.

Easy Wizard & Go™ Operation

Symbion P36 Plus features Orbotech’s innovative Wizard & Go operation for the ultimate in simplicity. With the ‘point-and-click’ workflow wizard, using the system is easy and training time is quick. The wizard guides you through each stage of program creation, giving you consistent performance. You can be ready for board inspection in less than ½ hour. Just Wizard & Go! Adjusting your program, verifying new settings and tracking your progress is effortless using Symbion’s easy-to-follow graphic interface and tools. With full off-line programming capabilities, there is no need to use valuable machine time.

Closed Loop Feedback with ADVISOR Central™

Symbion P36 Plus features many integrated capabilities for closed-loop feedback that can be incorporated into your SMT line process control strategy. The system delivers highly accurate solder paste measurement data to the ADVISOR Central™ database. This is combined with information from other SMT line systems, via a straightforward open-system protocol. Using the comprehensive monitoring and analysis tools available in ADVISOR Central™ and its alarm engine for process excursion notification, you can quickly identify trends that lead to defective boards and eliminate sources of errors.



Paste Inspection Method

Independent acquisition of appearance and height images resulting in accurate calculation of paste deposit position and volume

Image & Illumination System

CMOS-based image sensors with two independent laser diode illumination channels: (1) multi-angle illumination channel for top image acquisition, (1) triangulation channel for 3D image acquisition

Inspection Head

X-Y-Z moving inspection head

Handling System

Board is in a fixed (stationary) position during inspection

Area Resolution

X, Y 20 μm (0.8 mil)

Height Resolution

Z 5 μm (0.2 mil)

Inspection Mode

Optimized serpentine scanning for full board coverage

Paste Types Supported

All paste types 1-6, including lead-free types

Board Finishes Supported

All pad and board finishes including: Pad finishes: HAL, nickel gold, organic, etc.
Board finishes: all soldermasks and board colors

SPC & Process Control

On-system SPC tools with deposit level control charts, Cp and Cpk analysis. ADVISOR Central™ database and software tools for defect prevention

Copy Exact

Accurate system with excellent copy exact capabilities


Maximum Board Size

508 × 540 mm (20 × 21 in.)

Maximum Board Warp

+3, -6 mm, automatic (+ 0.12 -0.23 in,)

Board Edge Clearance


Board Underside Clearance

Up to 50 mm ( 2in.)

Board Topside Clearance

Up to 12 mm ( 0.47 in.)

Adjustable Board Width


Conveyor Height

SMEMA standard 870-930 mm


Inspection Speed

Up to 60 sq. cm/sec (9.3 sq. in/sec)

Paste Height Range

50-300μm (0.2 – 12 mil)

Area Measurement

No maximum limit on feature size

Load, Unload and Fiducial Finding

4-6 seconds (depending on board size)

Height Accuracy / Repeatability

5 μm (0.2 mil) on certified targets / Sigma < 1μm (0.04 mil)

X-Y Area

10 μm (0.4 mil)

Gage R&R

Below 10% for typical process tolerances


Operating System

Windows XP

Software Design


Single Board / Multi-Board

Possible to define inspection based on step & repeat of single board. Single board behaves as an object for analysis and reporting

Component Correlation

Inspection criteria and defect reporting based on component level.


Support of several operating modes of verification including: on-system,dedicated verification station (VeriFast21), stopping the system if critical amount of defects are found (user-defined), connection to Orbotech post-reflow AOI to verify paste defects, remote image verification (RIV)using ADVISOR Central™.


Data Input Types

Extended Gerber (RS-274X), CAD, BOM and GenCAM with easy parsing templates

Board Interface

SMEMA and Extended SMEMA for left-to-right, right-to-left, rear and front fixed rail operation, SV70

Host Communication

100Mbit twisted pair Ethernet supporting TCP/IP or Microsoft network

Data Transfer Tools

Via ADVISOR Central™: MSSQL queries and database-to-database, XML file structure of recipe file.


1D, 2D (matrix) barcode support

Remote Diagnostics

System designed to support remote diagnostics for hardware and software



W 1000 mm x D 1550 mm x H 1450 mm (W 39.4 x D 61 x H 57 in)


700 Kg (1540 lbs)


Conforms to CE and UL safety regulations


ADVISOR Central™ database and software for defect prevention, Barcode scanner, Offline programming station

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