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Symbion S36 Post-Reflow 3D AOI system

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Orpro Vision supplies AOI systems and SW for the SMT market. With two headquarters in Germany and USA, we operate in the European, American, African and Israeli markets. We provide best-in-class post-reflow and post-soldering AOI.

Hameln, Germany


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Symbion S36 Post-Reflow 3D AOI system

Symbion S36 Post-Reflow 3D AOI system


Symbion S36 Post-Reflow 3D AOI system



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Orpro Vision GmbH


Symbion S36 Post-Reflow 3D AOI system Description:

Symbion S36 Plus delivers top-of-the-line Post-Reflow AOI performance to help you achieve outstanding operational efficiency and high first-pass yield in even the most demanding SMT environments.

Superior Detection with DPIX™ 3D Technology

Symbion S36 Plus’ advanced DPIX (Dimensional Picture Image eXtraction) technology ensures superior detection accuracy with minimized false calls.

A specialized, stationary 3-D optical head employs a series of high performance cameras: one top and four angled for primary inspection (four additional high resolution side cameras for verification, are available as an option). With a total of 95 images taken per field of view, the result is the most complete and reliable image of each component. A moving z-axis table and automatic board warpage compensation further support the system’s optimal imaging of all board types, regardless of geometries or background variations. Component feature information extracted during image acquisition is analyzed using powerful image processing algorithms and techniques. With DPIX technology, precise measurement of component position and full coverage of even the most challenging solder defects such as J-Legs or lifted fine-pitch leads are ensured. For an efficient repair cycle, defects can be verified on system, in-line or off-line using VeriFast™ 21 station.

Highest Performance at Line Speed

Symbion S36 Plus is designed for maximum AOI throughput.

With inspection speeds of up to 40 cm² per second, the system matches the production rates of even the fastest SMT/PTH lines. It requires very little user interaction and has no need for constant attention. The system adapts automatically to product and component changeovers with capabilities including automatic board width adjustment. It also performs self-checks of optics and lighting to ensure continually optimized performance. Regardless of product complexity or product mix, the system keeps pace with your production today and easily adjusts to your throughput requirements of tomorrow.


Symbion S36 Plus can report test results to the ADVISOR™ database.

Using the comprehensive monitoring and analysis tools available in ADVISOR™ and its alarm engine for process excursion notification, you can quickly identify trends that lead to defective boards and eliminate sources of errors. The built in Generic Shop Floor interface provides connectivity to in house MIS systems, with the ability to send all data collected by the system to the in house server.

Easy Wizard & Go™ Operation

Symbion S36 Plus features Wizard & Go™ operation for the ultimate in simplicity. With the ‘point and- click’ workflow wizard, using the system is easy and training time is short.

You can be ready for board inspection in less than 2 hours. The system’s software is comprehensive and flexible. It contains a feature-rich CAD interface that accepts a wide range of CAD and BOM inputs, an extensive built-in component library for fast component definition as well as inspection parameters that comply with IPC 610 guidelines. Fine-tuning your inspection program, verifying new settings and tracking your progress are effortless and can be done at any time with Symbion’s easy-to-follow graphic interface and tools. With full off-line programming capabilities, there is no need to use valuable machine time.



Boards Inspected

Pre- and post-reflow SMT, through hole and mixed technologies

Defect Coverage



Presence and absence of components, placement accuracy and polarity, optical character recognition (OCR),
Multi-purpose inspector for short, particle and color verification


Insufficient solder, tombstone, billboard, coplanarity, lifted leads, shorts

Components Packages

All standard passive and active components down to 01005 and 0.3 mm pitch.
Many odd-form components and connectors. Fully expandable component library

Inspection Speed

Up to 60 cm²/sec*

Inspection Methodology

Orbotech’s Dimensional Picture Information eXtraction (DPIX) technology



Real 3-D imaging. High resolution top and 4 side cameras with symmetric image acquisition and color capability.
Four high resolution side cameras for verification.


Primary: Symmetric, high speed 5 camera configuration, 7.2 mega pixel
Verification: 4 high resolution side cameras

Pixel Size

18, 25 or 29 μm. Effective optical resolution 1/4 pixel


Axial, direct, diffuse and RGB multi-color illumination


Test Platform


  • X, Y, Z table with high resolution linear encoders
  • Automatic board warp compensation
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment


Maximum Board Size

550 x 470 mm (21 x 18 in.)


Under camera 90 mm (3.54 in.); under board 90mm (3.54 in.)

Clamping System Edge Clearance

Top 2 mm (0.079 in.), bottom 3 mm (0.118 in.)


W 1110 mm × D 1340 mm × H** 1612 mm (W 43.7 × D 55.1 × H 63.4 in.)


650 Kg (1430 lbs)




Twisted pair Ethernet supporting TCP/IP


SMEMA or extended SMEMA


Operating System

Windows XP Professional

AOI Software with Program Creation Wizard


AOI Production Mode Software


Component Library

Standard – JEDEC compliant. Lead-free process compliant


Verification station software, VeriFast laser pointer, off-line programming station, external barcode reader (machine supports up to four barcode readers via RS232), through camera barcode reader (1-D & 2-D barcodes), ADVISOR Central™ database and software tools for defect prevention

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