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Tropical Stencil is dedicated to providing the highest quality Laser Cut Stencils; with our rapid response, you will have your Stencil delivered on-time.

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

Tropical Stencil is dedicated to providing the highest quality Laser Cut Stencils; with our rapid response, you will have your Stencil delivered on-time.

Our experienced staff can help with the design of your Stencil and apply industry standard IPC-7525A guidelines for designing your Stencil.

We have all of the standard frame sizes available and can also provide frameless systems. We also provide mini rework stencils along with BGA Repair/Re-balling Stencils. Try us out, we quarantee you will be satisfied.

Let Tropical Stencil be your source for your Printed Circuit Board requirements. We have been providing our customers with the PCB’s and Stencils for over 15+ years and we can provide quick turn prototypes, as well as support all of your production requirements.

Get your PCB’s and Stencils delivered at the same time. Visit our capabilities page for an overview of our technology. We provide stocking programs, and work with your MRP, Try us out on your next prototype or production order.


Laser Cut Stencil

  • Cutting Area x= 24" y=28"
  • Process cutting accuracy of +/- .0002" (+/- 5um) over the entire work area
  • Cut width .0015"
  • Cut Features as narrow as .002"
  • Utilizing the finest grain stainless material
  • Material Thickness from .002" (2mil) to .020" (20mil)
  • 24-hour turnaround standard
  • 9000 apertures/hour capability
  • Data: Gerber, HPGL, DPF and more..

Printed Circuit Board

  • Layer Count: 1-26 Layers
  • Material: FR-4, 170TG, Rogers, CEM , Teflon
  • Min Plated Thru Holes: 0.005" (0.127 mm)
  • PTH Tolerance: +/- 0.003" (0.076 mm)
  • Min Aspect Ratio: 10:1 (THK:DHS)
  • Copper: 3 oz Inner Start/ 5 oz Outer Start
  • Routing Tolerance: +/- 0.004
  • Min Trace/Space: 0.004"/0.004" (0.1/0.1 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.008"/0.240"
  • Finish: ENTEK,HASL, Lead-free HASL, Hard Gold, Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, OSP
  • Options: Gold Tabs, Selective Au, Carbon Ink, Peelable Mask, Micro Via, Controlled
  • Impedance, Score, Punch & Return, LASER Drill, Blind Vias and Buried Vias

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Tropical Stencil is your source for all your Printed Circuit Board's needs, from standard FR4, High Tg, Flex, Aluminum and many more. We handle all of your Engineering, negotiate the most competitive price and handle all of the communicatio...

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PCB Manufacturing

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Tropical Stencil’s Laser Cut SMT Stencils are produced utilizing high speed lasers to produce the smoothest aperture wall possible. Far superior to chemically etched stencils, and with emerging new materials, stencils are pr...

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Laser Cut SMT Stencils

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Tropical Stencil Enhances Products, Adds Full-Service Sourcing

Sep 24, 2012 | Tropical Stencil, a leading provider of laser cut stencils, recently has added several new product enhancements, along with full service printed circuit board (PCB) sourcing.

Tropical Stencil Is Twice as Nice — Exhibiting in TWO Booths at SMTA International 2012

Sep 13, 2012 | Tropical Stencilwill highlight its Laser Cut Stencil and E-formed, Nickel and Stepped Stencils, along with its full line of printed circuit boards in booths #504 and #215 at the upcoming SMTA International Conference and Expo

Tropical Stencil Appoints New Rep in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic

Aug 30, 2012 | Tropical Stencil, has appointed Andres Torres of Technical Resources Corporation (TRC) to represent its products in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

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