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Laser Cut SMT Stencils

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Tropical Stencil is dedicated to providing the highest quality Laser Cut Stencils; with our rapid response, you will have your Stencil delivered on-time.

Jupiter, Florida, USA

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Laser Cut SMT Stencils

Laser Cut SMT Stencils


Laser Cut SMT Stencils


Solder Paste Stencils

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Tropical Stencil


Laser Cut SMT Stencils Description:

Tropical Stencil’s Laser Cut SMT Stencils are produced utilizing high speed lasers to produce the smoothest aperture wall possible. Far superior to chemically etched stencils, and with emerging new materials, stencils are produced using “fine grain” stainless to compete with Electroformed Stencil. Stencils can then be provided at a lesser cost, and without utilizing any harsh chemicals, providing a green friendly alternative to an Electroformed Stencil.

Laser Cut SMT Stencils Products

Framed Mounted Stencils

Framed SMT Stencils or glue-in stencils are laser cut solder paste stencil foils permanently mounted in a stencil frame using a mesh border to tightly stretch the stencil foil taut in the frame. Framed SMT Stencils are designed for high volume screen printing. All of our laser cut stencils provide optimum solder paste volume control.

  • Very Clean Laser-Cut Apertures
  • Excellent Print Performance
  • Excellent for High-Volume Stencil Printing
  • All Framed SMT Stencils are bonded with durable epoxy.
  • Get Special discount on your Stencil when you order your PCB's with Tropical Stencil

Frameless Systems - QTS Wizard

The Wizard Frame System consists of two frames and a stencil. The first frame is a plastic Container Frame (Patent #US 6,494,134,82) which protects the technician from injuries during handling from the stencil's razor sharp edges. The stencil is always contained in a molded plastic Container Frame that reduces the chance for damaging the stencil during shipping and handling.

The second frame, (The Wizard) is a lightweight aluminum stretch frame, which accepts the Plastic Frame with the stencil and tensions this stencil in four directions.

This new twin frame system offers the following  ADVANTAGES over the conventional aluminum castings and tubular  frames:

  • Significant cost savings when ordering stencils with the Container Frame.
  • The availability of a larger image printing area.
  • Reduced storage space requirements
  • Shorter turnaround time.
  • Eliminates the need to return used frame castings.

Mini Stencils

  • Rework Stencils
  • BGA Re-balling / Flux Stencil

Space Saver Frames

The Space Saver Frame consists of two parts, the Frame and the adapter. The adapter mounts to your Screen Printer. The adapter has tooling pins which match up with tooling holes on the Space Saver Frame; this makes change over quick and easy.

The Space Saver Frame is 29”x29”x0.5”, three frames will fit into the space of 1 Standard 29”x29”x1.5”.

Benefits are reduced Storage and shipping.


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