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CAT90-M SMT Pick and Place System

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Manufacturer of a BGA / QFN / SMT rework stations, reflow soldering equipment, reflow ovens, and smt pick and place machines.

Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA


  • Phone 215-364-5588

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CAT90-M SMT Pick and Place System

CAT90-M SMT Pick and Place System


CAT90-M SMT Pick and Place System


Pick & Place

Offered by:

Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO)


CAT90-M SMT Pick and Place System Description:

CAT90-M is a manual pick and place system featuring the latest high resolution vision technology. The system is designed for placement of various SMT components such as capacitors, resistors, SOIC’s, fine-pitch QFP’s, and many other SMD’s. Components may be picked up from feeders (tape and stick), bins that accommodate loose parts, and loose parts tray.

Vacuum in the pickup nozzle automatically turns on (when it comes in contacted with a component), and off (as the component is placed down on the PCB). An operator moves the placement arm along X and Y axis’ to pickup and placement locations. The adjustable board holder is mounted on a precision X-Y table and contains finger clamps for handling of small and odd shaped PCB’s. CCD vision system with digital zoom and 180º rotation capability provides the necessary magnification for clear vision of components as they are handled during the assembly of a PCB. It is especially helpful in placement of small chips like 0402, 0603, and large fine pitch QFP’s. To place fine pitch components, the operator may use an optional Top Viewing Attachment that allows viewing all 4 sides of a component simultaneously. With the placement arm locked in place (via an integrated brake mechanism), X - Y, and Z adjustments, along with Theta rotation are used to provide precise component positioning.

A movable armrest and handle (integrated into the placement head) aid an operator during assembly. The handle also serves as Theta adjustment allowing rotation of a component. An optional dispenser mounts on the pickup head and is used for application of solder paste or adhesives.

Clean and ergonomic design yields high productivity (up to 600 CPH). CAT90-M is an easy to use system with precise placement capability ideal for prototype and small batch assembly.

Key Features:

  • High Magnification Vision System with digital zoom and 19” LCD monitor
  • Brake switch along X-Y axis
  • Smooth gliding placement arm with precision linear slide
  • Automatic vacuum sequencing during pick up and placement
  • Carousel with 45 antistatic bins
  • Precise X-Y micrometer table and Z axis adjustment
  • Theta rotation at pick up / placement handle
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Various Feeders and
  • Nozzles available
  • Armrest and parts tray
  • Maintenance Free
  • Designed and Manufactured in USA


The system handles components in both feeder and loose arrangement. An operator guides the placement arm along X and Y axis’ to pickup and place components accordingly. Vision system provides the much needed magnification for precise alignment of small and fine pitch components. Vacuum inside a nozzle automatically toggles on and off on contact with a component.

Options / Accessories:

  • Carousel with 45 bins (Part: C45-CAT)
  • Paste / Adhesive Dispenser (Part: AD-CAT)
  • Tape Feeder: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm wide (Part:TF_-CAT)
  • Stick Feeder (Part: SF_-CAT)
  • Feeder Bracket: holds up to 10 feeders (Part: FB-CAT)
  • Vertical Viewing Attachment: for viewing a fine pitch component from 4 sides simultaneously (Part: VA-CAT)


PCB Handling:

up to 12" x 17" (305mm x 432mm)

Component Handling:

down to 0402 

Vision System:

CCD color camera with digital zoom and 19" LCD monitor

Placement Accuracy:

 +/- 0.006" (155 microns)

Placement Rate:

300 - 600 CPH

Air Requirements:

80 - 100 PSI @ 1 CFM

Power Requirements:

120 - 240 VAC, 1 Amp, 50/60 Hz


Five (5) years parts and labor


55 lbs / 25 Kg 

Dimensions with Feeders:

34"L x 42"W x 17"H / 864mm x 1067mm x 432mm

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