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Koczera Consulting LLC specializes in delivering quality 5DX and x6000 x-ray inspection applications to uncover defects.

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

Koczera Consulting LLC was founded by Barb Koczera. Barb is one of the most experienced 5DX programmers in the world having worked for Agilent/HP on their X-ray systems (Series II, 2L, 3, and 5000) for 12 years. She has hands-on product experience in a variety of production environments worldwide from High Volume Manufacturing in China, Taiwan, Europe, and Mexico to small NPI and Low Volume companies in the United States. She has worked closely with OEMs to ensure their products (both Class 2 and Class 3) are being tested by quality 5DX tests at their CMs sites by either by "remotely" auditing the tests or by traveling to the CM sites to review and train Her thorough knowledge of the algorithms allows her to find creative ways of testing unusual solder joints. Her strength in her training skills allows new users to more quickly understand how the algorithms work and what items to focus on to quickly increase Yields downstream.

Barb's expert knowledge coupled with the vested interest in your company's success makes Koczera Consulting LLC a unique organization well equipped to meet 5DX and/or x6000 support and service needs.

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• Program Development and Delivery - Quality 5DX/x6000 automated X-ray inspection to uncover even marginal defects • Training - Basic and advanced training for programmers and repair operators • Component Testability - Determine the X-ray tes...

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Announcing Koczera Consulting LLC for Automated X-ray Inspection Services

Sep 15, 2009 | Koczera Consulting LLC, a closely-held consultancy, has been formed.

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