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LDD Trading Associates, LLC sells an extensive line of machine vision lights for use in automated assembly, inspection and code reading.

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Dome Light - Thin Type, IFH

Dome lighting results in a fraction of the space! LEDs are mounted horizontally beneath a patent pending optical element. The result is highly uniform light for illuminating uneven specular surfaces....

Dome Light - Thin Type, IFH

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LED Line Lights for Machine Vision at

Nov 09, 2010 | The new IDBA-LSR Series Focused LED Line Lights from employ high output ‘Power LEDs’ aligned behind a unique focusing optic. The result is a light that optimizes the available light energy, generating a high intensity line of light onto the target even from extended working distances.

LED Back Lights for Machine Vision at

Aug 04, 2010 |'s IDHM Series LED Back Lights deliver highly uniform and intense light from an easy-to-integrate thin package that requires minimal mounting space. Expands Service Offerings

Jun 24, 2010 | With new services including live web chat, free application evaluations, try-before-you-buy product loans and reduced pricing on products for demo/lab use, strives to make buyers’ lives easier when selecting and purchasing machine vision lighting products.

LED Bar Lights for Machine Vision at

Jun 10, 2010 | The versatility of LED Bar Lights for vision applications makes them a must-have in every machine vision integrator's and engineer's 'tool box'. The simple bar shape offers both in-machine and on-production-line installation flexibility, working as either front or back lighting.

LED Low Angle Direct Ring Lights at

May 12, 2010 | Lights that deliver low angle illumination onto a surface, enhancing contrast of raised, indented or textured features. Due to long life, low energy consumption, and minimal maintenance, LEDs provide financial and environmental return on investment.

New Machine Vision LED Arc Lights at

Apr 14, 2010 | LED Arc Lights enable machine vision inspections on cylindrical surfaces. Inspection applications include print on cans, bottles and cosmetics (e.g. lipstick or mascara), screw threads on screw top bottles, and surfaces of pistons and cylinders.

New High Power Machine Vision LED Ring Lights at

Mar 09, 2010 | The IHR High Power Machine Vision LED Ring Lights can more than double light intensity compared to standard LED ring lights.

New “Thin Type” Machine Vision LED Dome Lights at

Feb 09, 2010 | Greater Uniformity from a Smaller Package

New 24 Volt Machine Vision Lights at

Jan 12, 2010 | New models simplify integration and reduce cost by using a system's existing 24 Volt DC power

New High Power Dome Lights at

Dec 08, 2009 | Largest and Brightest Models in our Dome Series

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