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Circuit Board, SMT, OEM Turnkey Service

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Circuit Board, SMT, OEM Turnkey Service

Circuit Board, SMT, OEM Turnkey Service


Circuit Board, SMT, OEM Turnkey Service

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Tronixlink PCB PCBA


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PCBA , Printed Circuit Board Assembly, PCB Assembly , EMS pcba, Electronic Manufacturing OEM PCBA Tronixlink PCB Assembly line includes the latest process in SMT and wave soldering along with SIP, AOI, X-ray, ICT and functional testing. Our SMT capabilities include mounting up to 275 different components at the same time, smallest component down to 0201 and fastest speed to 0.09 second per component. . In order to satisfy needs of customers, we are flexible to manufacture single and dual side assemblies as well as mixed technology PCBAs. Our PCB assembly team is managed and run by a team of highly experienced professionals, and we are ready to handle all aspects of manufacturing from small pre-productions to mass production orders. . Our PCB assembly services include: Programming Depends on customer's request, we have many kinds of programmer tools such as ALL-100, SUPERPRO/500, Beehive4+ to program all kinds of NOR, NAND flash and EEPROM. We also have many kinds of emulators that can finish ISP (In System Program) for all kinds PLD (program logical device), such as Xilinx, Cypress and DSP. SMT Our surface mount PCB assembly capabilities include BGA, uBGA and flip chip assembly. Automated assembly processes are utilized throughout all stages of the manufacturing cycle to ensure consistent, sustained quality coupled with optimum manufacturing costs. DIP We have full capability for assembling both through-hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies and can also offer a number of peripheral services such as conformal coating and potting etc. In addition, we can also undertake device programming and the configuration of PCB assemblies prior to system integration or dispatch. Custom Test Fixture Design Custom functional test fixtures can be designed and manufactured for specific PCB assembly testing requirements. This permits complex functional testing to be undertaken prior to dispatch or system integration. . PCBA Service, Printed Circuit Board Assembly, PCB Assembly Service, EMS pcba, Electronic Manufacturing Service, OEM PCBA Service . Our mission is to become your reliable manufacturing choice in China for quality products, commitment to customers and clear communication . If you are considering to manufacture or source any of your products offshore in China at lower cost, good quality, dedicated service and clear communication, please feel free to contact me! PCBA(RoHS-Compliance,Lead free,ODM,OEM,SMT,EMS) We supply OEM and ODM services for PCBA. 1) Surface-mounting Technology (SMT) and Through-hole/DIP 2) 0402,0201 placement 3) BGA,CSP,QFP 4) IC precision: 0.3mm 5) AOI,X-Ray,ICT(In circuit test),FCT (functional circuit test) 6) UL,CE,FCC,RoHS standard 7) OEM & ODM, DFM & DFT, EMS 8) Full in house design and Rapid Prototyping for customer 9) With IPC610D manufacturing and other international standards 10) Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT 11) Up to 22 layers mixed assembly technology Capacity 12) High Density Interconnected board placement technology capacity Controller PCBA,SMT,EMS Technical specifications of this PCBA: 1) Power supply: 220V AC (±10%)/50Hz 2) Transformer: need 220V AC / 24V 100W 3) Biggest load of accessory: 24V DC 500mA 4) Biggest load of motor: 1 x 80W (DC motor) 5) Working environment temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C 6) Fuse: 10 A 7) Protection of the opening and closing running time adjustable (0 to 60 seconds) 8) Delay time of automatically closing: adjustable (0 to 60 seconds) 9) Keep illuminating time: 3 minutes We can provide you the most direct service, the best quality products with the most competitive prices!To make sure the reliable quality, we can send samples for your testing before delivery! (pcba for home appliances control) EMS provider (EMS provider,EMS provider,EMS provider) We offer a broad range of printed circuit board assemblies(home appliance controllers),focusing on water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and kitchen appliances for middle-and-small-sized home appliance manufacturers and R&D institutions all around the world. Our businesses and services cover such areas as collaborative R&D, PCB assembly,components sourcing, testing,reparing,etc. We are equipped with SMT lines from Yamaha and Siemens .All our OEM products are compliant with international managment systems of ISO 9002 ,ISO 14001:2004,TS 16949 and certified under TUV and RoHS, to ensure high quality and reliable performance .Apart from competitive prices,a timely delivery is always at your service. We also guarantee quick response to every inquiry and provide quotations, specifications or samples within 3-6 days upon receiving your BOM. In addition, in order to preserve harmonious and long-lasting business relationships, NDA will be signed with all our customers.

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