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Controller PCBA,SMT,EMS

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Controller PCBA,SMT,EMS

Controller PCBA,SMT,EMS


Controller PCBA,SMT,EMS

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Tronixlink PCB PCBA


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Technical specifications of this PCBA: 1) Power supply: 220V AC (±10%)/50Hz 2) Transformer: need 220V AC / 24V 100W 3) Biggest load of accessory: 24V DC 500mA 4) Biggest load of motor: 1 x 80W (DC motor) 5) Working environment temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C 6) Fuse: 10 A 7) Protection of the opening and closing running time adjustable (0 to 60 seconds) 8) Delay time of automatically closing: adjustable (0 to 60 seconds) 9) Keep illuminating time: 3 minutes We can provide you the most direct service, the best quality products with the most competitive prices!To make sure the reliable quality, we can send samples for your testing before delivery!

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