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TruView™ Fusion - Scalable X-Ray Inspection

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Creative Electron is the largest US manufacturer of x-ray inspection systems for electronics. We proudly design and manufacture the award winning TruView X-Ray family of products.

San Marcos, California, USA

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TruView™ Fusion - Scalable X-Ray Inspection

TruView™ Fusion - Scalable X-Ray Inspection


TruView™ Fusion - Scalable X-Ray Inspection



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Creative Electron Inc


TruView™ Fusion - Scalable X-Ray Inspection Description:

The Only X-Ray System That Grows With Your Business

The quality of your products is paramount to the success of your business. TruView x-ray systems allows you to "see inside" your products without destroying them, thus enabling unprecedented understanding of your manufacturing process. TruView is the right solution if you are looking for a radiography system to inspect medical devices, printed circuit boards, electronic components, and mechanical parts.

Scalability and Flexibility | No Risk Purchase

We understand that the process of buying an x-ray machine can be overwhelming. First, you need to navigate the sea of jargons and technical terms to figure out which of the many radiography systems out there will do what you need. Then, you must figure out how long will this new machine fit in your business before it is obsolete. So, before making a decision you need to understand how to balance the expensive available features against how much money you can spend.

The TruView system was designed with your concerns in mind. That’s why we designed the first scalable x-ray system in the world that keeps up with your needs as they change. For the first time ever you can buy the features you need today, today, and upgrade to the new features you need tomorrow, tomorrow. No need to waste money on things you don’t need!

TruView was designed in 3 layers. The top layer is the x-ray source. You can choose between mini and microfocus sources of different energies. The middle layer is where your sample is imaged. Choices here include automated manipulation of the sample and our exclusive reel-to-reel inspection. The bottom layer holds the x-ray camera. The wide selection of cameras include flat panel and image intensifier models with different fields of view and resolutions.

And when it is time to upgrade your system, give us a call. We will install upgrades at your facility with no loss of productivity. 

Compact Footprint | Portable Solution

TruView’s compact footprint is ideal to meet the ever-changing requirements of today’s flexible and lean manufacturing systems. The monitors and dashboard fold to allow TruView to be deployed where it is most needed.

Ergonomics | Human-Centric Design

Creative Electron engaged international ergonomics experts to design the perfect radiography system that minimizes operator fatigue and discomfort. In a unique human-centric approach, our engineers designed the new TruView from the user’s perspective. Both hardware and software were redesigned and optimized to bring you the best value in the market.

Product Selection Guide

The TruView™ Fusion X-Ray is a powerful platform that can be configured in 6 different ways to meet your cost and performance requirements:

  • TruView™ Fusion A: Load/unload samples using the system's sliding front door.  
  • TruView™ Fusion B: Load/unload samples using the system's single side door via conveyor belt.  
  • TruView™ Fusion C: Load samples using the system's left side door and unload using right door via conveyor belt.
  • TruView™ Fusion S: Large field of view sensor, up to 17"x17"
  • TruView™ Fusion R: Reel-to-reel inspection
  • TruView™ Fusion X: Large format inspection to boards up to 48"x20"

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