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Altium Designer - Electronics Design Software

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Altium provides electronics design solutions that help designers create the next generation of electronic products.

La Jolla, California, USA

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Altium Designer - Electronics Design Software

Altium Designer - Electronics Design Software


Altium Designer - Electronics Design Software



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Altium Designer - Electronics Design Software Description:

Altium Designer is a system development platform combining FPGA, PCB and embedded software development.

Complete System Design

A board design is no longer just a schematic and a PCB document. It may contain programmable logic and software. Signal integrity analysis is commonplace. The design will need to fit an enclosure with all the buttons and screen aligned perfectly with the cutouts in the case. Components must be sourced in a global market, and manufacture is increasingly done a long way from the designers’ offices.Board design is a complex interplay that ranges across a variety of design and management disciplines. A team working in separate design tools with separate design databases to create what is ultimately a single system is a very inefficient design team.

Altium Designer abandons this ‘divide and conquer’ approach to bring a unique and unified approach to electronics design.

A Single Design Database

The design process in Altium Designer orbits a central, unified model of the data. Each of Altium Designer’s tools interacts directly with its data, within this single data set.

This unified data model delivers significant benefits, including:

  • Direct synchronization of design data, no transition files needed.
  • Excellent visibility into the complete data model so everyone on the team has all the information they need to make good design decisions.
  • The status of design data can easily be verified, ensuring effective version control and file management.
  • A single application to deploy and administer across the whole design team

Complete Synchronization Across The Whole Project

Because all design data are held in a single database, the system ensures that data are synchronized between design domains. The schematics always reflect the state of the PCB. The pin and signal definitions of the FPGA always correlate with the right nets on the board. The memory allocation in the embedded software project is always reflected in the hardware.

It’s this ability to synchronize all elements of the design that makes Altium Designer efficient, safe and versatile.
All the tools in a single application

When you install Altium Designer you have all you need to take an electronic design from concept to final board manufacture and assembly, all within a single, unified application environment.

Capture your physical board design, the design of your FPGAs and the embedded code running on your soft processor cores. Simulate critical parts of the design to optimize performance. Use links into vendors’ databases to choose the optimum components for your design, and manage these components throughout the design lifecycle. Design and route the board to hold these components in a native 3D editing environment. Fit the board into its enclosure and close the ECAD-MCAD design loop. Securely release the correct design data to manufacture and fabrication. Manage subsequent revisions and re-releases of the design.

Altium Designer gives your entire design team a complete solution to next generation electronic design.

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