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JT 2149/DAF Mixed Signal Tester Module

JT 2149/DAF Mixed Signal Tester Module

JT 2149/DAF Mixed Signal Tester Module


JT 2149/DAF Mixed Signal Tester Module


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JT 2149/DAF Mixed Signal Tester Module Description:

Measures DIO, Analog Voltage and Frequency in One Module.

The JT 2149/DAF is a compact, mixed-signal (Digital/Analog/Frequency) measurement module and is the first unit of its type to offer both digital and analogue test access to PCBs via JTAG Technologies’ widely-used QuadPod signal conditioning interface. The DAF module has been designed to slot into JTAG Technologies’ regular QuadPod transceiver system used by the JT 37x7 DataBlaster series of controllers. When connected to a circuit board via edge connector or test fixture/jig test pins, the module enhances standard digital boundary-scan tests by enabling a series of analog and frequency measurements to be made.

  • 16 dual purpose I/O and frequency channels
  • Analog voltage measurement on 12 channels
  • Programmable clock generator channel


Ideal for test systems that require basic functional test measurements (e.g. PSU voltages, clock frequencies etc..). Easy to build into benchtop or rack-mounted functional test systems. Lower cost than traditional instruments. Measurements are supported by ProVision plug-in interactive GUIs and/or JFT (Python) control library.


  • Compact mixed signal measurement module
  • Powered and hosted by DataBlaster QuadPod
  • Enables direct voltage and frequency measurements on a DataBlaster
  • Simplifies test system engineering


  • Volts DC - 12 channels, range 0-32V
  • Frequency - 16 channels, range 10-128 MHz, Resolution 8 digits, Accuracy 100 ppm
  • Digital I/O - 16 channels (shared with Frequency) variable 1.0 - 3.6 volts
  • Generator - 1 channel, range 0.0596Hz-64 MHz, Resolution 59.6 mHz, Accuracy 100 ppm

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