Shenzhen Fadelesstech Co.,Ltd.

We are a major used SMT machine agent in Shenzhen, China. we buy and sell major brand smt machine, like FUJI, PANASONIC, YAMAHA,ASM,JUKI, Assembleon, also feeders, parts, repairing service.

Equipment Dealer / Broker / Auctions

We are a dealer of used SMT machinery and parts in China, we do the business for the used smt machine, feeder, parts, and the other related equipment, just like, printer, aoi, x ray, insert machine, etc.

Wey provide the following types of used mounters : Fuji used Mounter (FUJI nxt ,xpf , etc. ) , Panasonic Used SMT (PANASERT cm402,cm602,npm,, etc. ), YAMAHA Used SMT (Ys12, ys24, ysm10, ysm20, YV100XG, YG200 , etc. ), ASM(  sx2, hs50, hs60, txi2, sx4, d4, x4, d2)  assembleon( ax501, ax502),  samsung(  sm471, decan)

Reflow Oven

Capillary Underfill Dispensing