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CS-400E Cut & Clinch Inserter

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Authorized manufacturer, re-manufacturer and service center of Contact Systems CS-400 Series Through Hole Cut & Clinch insertion machines and C3 and C5 First Generation Series SMT placement PCB assembly machines.

Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

  • Phone 203-790-8867
  • Fax 203-790-8876

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CS-400E Cut & Clinch Inserter

CS-400E Cut & Clinch Inserter


CS-400E Cut & Clinch Inserter



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CS-400E Cut & Clinch Inserter Description:

CS-400E is a semi-automatic insertion machine for radial, axial, and multi-leaded through-hole electronic components for PCB assembly.

In 1983, Contact Systems delivered the first CS-400 Cut & Clinch Through-Hole Insertion Component Locator. Since then, thousands of CS-400 inserters have been installed in production lines throughout the world and are relied upon daily.

The CS-400E insertion machine has proven to be an extremely durable and reliable machine.

  • inward and outward clinching
  • miniature cutter footprint
  • quick and easy setup
  • rugged construction
  • ergonomic design
  • extremely reliable operation
  • Ultra Clinch Mechanism - allows the user to program the ideal lead length and clinch angle for each and every component.

The benefits of the CS-400E semi-automatic insertion through hole machine are:

  • improved solderability
  • no component spillage or pop-up during wave soldering
  • simple lead forming
  • easier insertion
  • no post-solder lead trimming
The CS-400E with Ultra Clinch is the only machine on the market that offers programmable lead length and clinch angle.

It employs a cut & clinch mechanism consisting of two cutter assemblies; one fixed and one movable. Each assembly comprises an inner and outer cutter. The complete mechanism is mounted on a turntable which can rotate a full 360 degrees in .5 degree increments. The component leads pass through the center of the holes of the inner cutters. The outer cutters then rotate over the holes, first cutting then bending the leads. In normal operation, both leads are cut and clinched in one operation. The CS-400E can be programmed to clinch leads inward, outward, or sideways.

Four CS-400E models with the various X- and Y-dimentions are available:

  • CS-400E
  • CS-400EJY
  • CS-400EJX
  • CS-400EXY

Versatec offers:

  • new and remanufactured CS-400e machines
  • accessories
  • service support
  • spare part supply
  • training

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