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3M™ Novec Surface Modifers

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3M's Electronic Solutions Division designs, manufactures and markets a wide variety of electronic interconnect and protection products.

Austin, Texas, USA


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3M™ Novec Surface Modifers

3M™ Novec Surface Modifers


3M™ Novec Surface Modifers



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3M Electronics Materials Solutions Division


3M™ Novec Surface Modifers Description:

Novec Surface Modifiers protect your electronics components quickly economically and safely. Drying to a transparent layer of just 1 micron, Novec surface modifiers offer superb resistance to moisture, oils and other contaminants in a third of the time of traditional conformal coating methods. Being non flamable and containing low toxity levels, 3M offer a coating solution, far safer, quicker and more cost effective then existing technologies. To learn more about Novec(TM) Surface Modifiers or to contact a specialist.

Superior Coating Performance.

Novec Surface modifiers offer superb repellency and moisture barrier properties. When compared with alternative coating methods, Novec Surface Modifiers offer superior technical performance with the added benefits of having no need to mask, no flash point as our solutions are non flamable, and a low toxity level making for a first class health and safety profile.

Novec Surface Modifiers - The Coating Process Compared.

Novec surface modifiers remove the need to mask surface areas - such as delicate connection points during the coating process, so the time, labour and associated costs are substantially reduced and eliminate yield losses and rework from masking problems. In addition the coating itself, drying and curing times are all significantly reduced when compared with competing technologies, and the dipping process together with the coating's advanced performance, removes the need for inspection.

Coating Process Compared

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