Provider of solution for RF, microvave, and high-speed, digital circuitry design.

Consultant / Service Provider

For over four decades, Taconic has been a leader in the development and manufacture of advanced engineered composite materials providing innovative product solutions for the Industrial Products and Advanced Dielectric markets.

Advanced Dielectric Division (ADD)

Taconic's Advanced Dielectric Division was founded in the early 1980s with a vision to supply the world with the finest quality microwave circuit board materials available. Today, this vision has been realized. Advanced Dielectric Division technology is used in some of the most leading-edge communication systems in the world. Long-term product development goals include supplying high-end, high-frequency PTFE laminated circuit board material that offers improved performance and lower costs.

Taconic Postings

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Strategies for Designing Microwave Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards Using Stripline Structures

Jun 03, 2010 | Thomas McCarthy, Sean Reynolds, Jon Skelly

Strategies for successful design and manufacture of microwave multilayer printed circuit boards. All aspects from pad registration, dimensional stability, impedance fluctuation, fusion bonding, thermal ageing, z-axis expansion, reliability, to Young's mod...

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