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VS-350-LF Leed-free Wave Soldering Machine

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Our factory maily specialize in thermal equipment including lead-free reflow ovens, lead-free wave soldering machines.

ShenZhen, China


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VS-350-LF Leed-free Wave Soldering Machine

VS-350-LF Leed-free Wave Soldering Machine


VS-350-LF Leed-free Wave Soldering Machine


Wave Soldering

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Hexi Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd


VS-350-LF Leed-free Wave Soldering Machine Description:

Basic specification

  • Flux capacity:6L;
  • Flux runoff:10-100ml/min(adjustable);
  • Preheating zone length:1800mm(600mm×3);
  • Quantity of preheating zone: 3 zones;
  • Preheating temperature: room temperature~250℃;
  • Max. preheating power:14KW;
  • Heating compensation function:2KW;
  • Solder pot capacity:500KG(lead-free paste);
  • Solder pot temperature:room temperature-300℃;
  • Max. power of solder pot:12KW;
  • Cooling power:2HP;
  • Cooling speed:6-10℃/Sec
  • PCB width:.400mm; (Option:450mm, 500mm)
  • PCB conveying direction: left to right(option: right to left);
  • PCB conveying speed:0~1.8m/min;
  • Conveying rail angle:4~7degree
  • Power supply:3 phase,5 wires(380V/50Hz);                                                           
  • Starting power:Max.12KW;                                                                      
  • Normal running power:Approx.6KW;;                                                       
  • Air supply:0.5Mpa;                                                                       
  • Weight:Approx.1800KG;                                                                      
  • Outer dimension:4400(L)×1500(W)×1500(H)。
  • Quantity of solder pot: 2 pots ( one is leaded, the other is lead-free)                                                      

Each machine is attached to spare part kit.

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