Custom PCB Baskets

Custom PCB Baskets

Custom PCB Baskets


Custom PCB Baskets


Board Handling - Storage

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MB Manufacturing

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MB Manufacturing

Dedicated to the design and manufacture of fixtures to improve speed and quality in the assembly of printed circuit boards. Providing solutions that challenge the industry's accepted "rules of thumb" for more than 25 years.

Blairstown, New Jersey, USA

Contract Manufacturer, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place

  • Phone 908-362-5588
  • Fax 908-362-5115

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Custom PCB Baskets Description:

Baskets can be designed for your special needs. This low cost custom basket with an ESD safe coating to protect your parts in a batch cleaning or in-line cleaning process.


Test Chambers

  • PCB rack for test chambers.
  • Withstands temperatures of -40c to +260c.
  • Designed to resist moisture during the temperature cycling.
  • PCB supports are available for x and y orientation.
  • Slots are cut and chamfered on the side for ergonomic handling.

Stainless Steel Baskets

  • Manufactured from 304SS wire mesh welded together with 3/16” SS support rods.
  • Available with Handles, Luggage Latches, ESD Plastisol Coating, Reinforcement, Electro Polishing, Legs and Dividers.

Composite Basket with Hinged Chainmail Cover

  • Eliminates sharp edges that you get from stainless steel baskets.
  • Lightweight material.
  • Works well for high volume in-line cleaners.

Basket Cart

  • This rolling cart has two fixed and two rotating, static dissipative wheels.
  • Can be used for fixtures, baskets or any other product you may have.
  • Cart is approximately 60” tall X 32” deep.
  • Shelf spacing and width fabricated to customer specifications.
  • Approx: 1 week lead time.

ESD Plastisol Coating

Protects PCB's from scratches.

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