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MARTIN Expert 4.6 - Manual BGA Rework Station

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Manufacturer of rework and reballing systems, hand soldering solutions, and micro-dispensing technologies

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA


  • Phone 603-627-8989

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MARTIN Expert 4.6 - Manual BGA Rework Station

MARTIN Expert 4.6 - Manual BGA Rework Station


MARTIN Expert 4.6 - Manual BGA Rework Station


Rework & Repair Equipment

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MARTIN (a Finetech company)


MARTIN Expert 4.6 - Manual BGA Rework Station Description:

The EXPERT 04.6 systems with Hot Air and IR Technology are complete rework stations for manual soldering of SMDs, residual solder removal and dispensing. Soldering profiles can be easily established and supported with the supplied software packet Easy Solder eco. The different machine configurations are specific to suit various applications.

  • EXPERT 04.6 IXH - Hot Air rework station with large area IR Underheater, especially developed for reworking medium sized PCBs.
  • EXPERT 04.6 IH - Hot Air rework station with localized IR Underheater, specifically configured for reworking smaller PCBs.
  • EXPERT 04.6 NN - Hot Air rework station that can be combined with IR underheater. With additional modules, this machine can also be used for residual solder removal and dispensing.

Cost effective, easy to use manual BGA rework station for all types of SMD components. Compact unit for soldering, placement, residual solder removal (site dressing) and dispensing - using controllable profiles.

Affordable - The EXPERT 04.6 systems reflect MARTIN‘s many years of rework experience. The result is a product family that offers optimum configurations for a wide range of applications, at a very competitive price.

Useful - The different configurations allow the ability to rework many PCB sizes and types of SMDs. The greatest range is offered by the EXPERT 04.6 IXH - with a powerful underheater that is well suited for both industrial and consumer electronics.

SHP - Exact Placement

The EXPERT 04.6 workstations are based on a placement philosophy patented by MARTIN: At the heart is the Single Head Placer (SHP) Positioning Arm. Four backlash-free positioning axes for the Solder and Placement Pen are easily and accurately adjusted by hand. With the Martin Star Tools, alignment of the Soldering Tool is extremely simple. The EXPERT 04.6 is a fully-equipped, compact set up that is perfect for initial rework system users.

  • Rapid - Within seconds the Star Tool is aligned with the pads on the PCB. The SHP Positioning Arm mechanically stores the placement location and accurately deposits the component. Placement is that simple!
  • On Target - A large selection of on-the-shelf, available tools make the SHP, together with the Star Tool, a multi-functional tool. Can be used for less common SMD types too.

Effective Soldering

In rework, Hot Air Technology is indispensible. The EXPERT 04.6 combines precisely controllable Hot Air and consistent IR Heating Technology in one rework station. With the supplied soldering software, profiles can be easily created and re-used again, saving time and ensuring consistency.

  • Hot Air from Above - MARTIN‘s Precision Hot Air Technology heats up the components within the recommended limits set by manufacturers. There is a maximum temperature tolerance achieved of ± 1%.
  • Rapid-IR from Below - The patented Rapid IR Heating Technology offers the assurance that the PCB is safely heated to the working temperature at the maximum permitted rate. Thanks to sufficient energy reserves, this temperature is reliably maintained.

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