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MARTIN Clever Dispense - Manual Dispenser

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Manufacturer of rework and reballing systems, hand soldering solutions, and micro-dispensing technologies

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA


  • Phone 603-627-8989

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MARTIN Clever Dispense - Manual Dispenser

MARTIN Clever Dispense - Manual Dispenser


MARTIN Clever Dispense - Manual Dispenser



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MARTIN (a Finetech company)


MARTIN Clever Dispense - Manual Dispenser Description:

Manual dispensing with high quality results

Dispensing varied materials across a wide range of viscosities - using the same equipment! Especially solder pastes and other filled media have always been particularly demanding when reliable and consistent results are expected. The CLEVER DISPENSE equipment family offer the optimum solution as bench top work stations or to complement automatic machine applications.

The modular structure of the dispenser allows easy integration into automatic production equipment and lines. Advanced-Time-Pressure Technology automatically computes pressure pulse. Fast/easy cartridge change and nozzle cleaning. Cost effective, virtually no wear and simple to maintain.

  • CLEVER-DISPENSE 5 - Table top dispenser for precise delivery of dots and lines with media from high until very low viscosity. System contains features as temperature compensation, fill level compensation and snuff back vacuum.
  • CLEVER-DISPENSE 4 - Table top dispenser for precise delivery of dots and lines with media from high until medium viscosity. System contains features as temperature compensation and fill level compensation.

Advanced-Time-Pressure Technology

Advanced-Time-Pressure Technology is at the heart of MARTIN dispensing. With its ingenious compensation arrangements there is no comparison with conventional, relatively simple time pressure control. Expectations for ease of use and dispensing accuracy are more than exceeded. The aim is zero defect precision production and no stoppages.

Uncomplicated and well proven

The consistency and precision of the dispensing results, using the patented Advanced-Time-Pressure Technology, is superior even to mechanical dispensers, such as screw displacement types. As great care has been taken to concentrate on the essentials, the equipment is more cost effective, has virtually no wear and is simple to maintain.

Examples of applications:

Solder Paste

  • Gentle, Advanced-Time-Pressure Technology suitable for the most critical media such as solder paste.
  • Dispensing without separation or damage to particles.
  • Patented micro dispensing nozzles ensure consistent precision even for the smallest dots (Ø > 0.15mm diameter).


  • Highest precision, even for delicate conductive adhesives with relatively large particles.
  • Trouble free precision processing of abrasive media.
  • Dispenser head heating prevents ‘stringing’.

Potting Compounds

  • Clever-Dispens 05 is especially suitable for media of a watery consistency.
  • Consistent precision by automatic adjustment of suck back vacuum to current cartridge fill level.
  • No dripping during rest periods.

Manual Dispensing

  • Thermally insulated pen handle for constant dispensing volumes.
  • ESD protected.
  • Suitable for cartridge sizes 3, 5, 10 and 30cm3.
  • Simple operation and all the advantages of cleaning and cartridge replacement.

Uncomplicated Cartridge Change and Nozzle Cleaning

  • No cleaning of spindles or other mechanical parts.
  • Cartridge change within seconds.
  • Solder paste in metal nozzle dispenses accurately after a few test dots, even when not used for some time.
  • No blocked nozzles: practical cleaning set lets nozzles be attached and flushed through with cleaning spray.

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