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Boundary Scan Probe

Boundary Scan Probe

Boundary Scan Probe


Boundary Scan Probe



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GOEPEL Electronic

Vendor of systems for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI)and 3D solder paste inspection (SPI). The company's inline and stand-alone AOI systems won several "Best in Test Awards"

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Boundary Scan Probe Description:

The Boundary Scan Probe serves as a handheld tool for debugging of UUTs and JTAG/Boundary Scan devices. It basically is a virtual JTAG/Boundary Scan pin providing several advantages, e.g. static and dynamic logic pen functionality. Probe the test object (UUT) using the second 10pin TAP connector and/or via spring loaded test tip. An LED illuminates the contact area.

The Boundary Scan Probe is especially useful during prototype testing, repair and troubleshooting, as well as for verification of a BSDL file against the physical implementation of JTAG/Boundary Scan resources on respective silicon. Current limitation circuitry built in to the probe protects the UUT against overloading. An internal probe control circuitry provides measure (low, midrange, high), static Drive Low, static Drive High, and toggle Drive Low/High functionality, with driven and measured levels being indicated via separate LED’s. Pull-up and pull-down functions complement the driving capabilities. The device can be powered by a JTAG/Boundary Scan controller as well as by an internal battery.

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