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OptiCon THT-Line

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Vendor of systems for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI)and 3D solder paste inspection (SPI). The company's inline and stand-alone AOI systems won several "Best in Test Awards"

Jena, Germany


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OptiCon THT-Line

OptiCon THT-Line


OptiCon THT-Line



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GOEPEL Electronic


OptiCon THT-Line Description:

The OptiCon THT-Line AOI system provides a parallel inspection of THT components and THT solder joints. In a typical THT production line,  it is possible to inspect mounted components before the soldering processes as well as PCB solder joints during the return transport.

This gain in effectiveness for users is enabled by the OptiCon THT-Line system’s integration opportunity before the wave soldering oven. A camera system with an extremely high focal range (up to 80 mm) inspects the PCB’s component side. Hence, detected faults, such as wrong polarity, can be easily rectified before the soldering process.

For solder joint inspection a scanner system is integrated into the AOI system’s lower transport area. It checks the PCBs during the return transport. Additional configuration variants for the inspection of the component and solder joint sides are of course possible.

The system software OptiCon PILOT version 5.3 is integral part of the OptiCon THT-Line. It supports the THT assembly inspection by particularly convenient opportunities in generating test programs by means of “easyELKO” and “easyOCR”. These functions allow for polarity check of electrolytic capacitors and label reading without prior learning process. With regard to already known opportunities for OCR, this means a revolutionary step in utilizing OCR for quality control of electronic assemblies. In addition, the recently released touchscreen operation with optimized user interface guarantees a convenient and efficient working method with the system.

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