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Indianapolis-based PCB Sales & Supply Chain Management, PCB/PCBA Lab Services. Technical Experts who can actually assist you with board issues. Rapid Prototype Assembly to production standards.


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Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards


Printed Circuit Boards


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DIVSYS International-ICAPE, LLC


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At DIVSYS, we have a history of designing, making and testing printed circuit boards that goes back to our days at Diversified Systems, Inc. We have over 37 years of history making boards for military, automotive, medical, telecom and general industrial customers (just to name a few). The senior members of our Indianapolis-based Technical Advisory Board alone have over 100 years of experience in the manufacture and analysis of PCBs.

We sell boards. The single most critical component in any assembly is the Printed Circuit Board. If you don’t start with a quality PCB, you cannot end with a reliable assembly. If you are lucky, the defect will be immediately noticeable. Unfortunately, most PCB defects will not be found until the assembly is in the field. Either way, once the parts are added, it will be costly and difficult to pinpoint the board as the failure source…and that’s what some board suppliers are banking on happening. And…it’s a good bet to take. We aren’t content to be only a sales office bragging about our systems for management of a supplier in another country. We use those techniques as well, but only as part of a comprehensive strategy. We believe that quality systems alone are ineffective in a high mix environment because PCBs can have variance within lots and most certainly from lot to lot. Performance based data is the only way to ensure product conformance with asynchronous lots.

Come by our facility for a tour, and we’ll show you that we really do have in-house engineers, and we do all of our assurance testing in Indianapolis...not some far off land. In a past life, we made the boards. Since we were once fabricators, we are extremely selective about our board suppliers. The ones that meet our strict quality standards and audit requirements are approved to support our customers. We control our supply chain by providing them with laboratory results from each lot. We lot test every shipment, and if an issue arises, we test every piece. Our suppliers are both foreign and domestic. We match the technology with the supplier capabilities, based on a technology matrix we developed. This matrix is based on the supplier’s feedback and our laboratory testing results. On the front end, we work with the engineers to match the available technology to their need. They can talk to knowledgeable engineers that are fluent in all aspects from design to PCB fabrication, to final product assembly. We perform DFM analysis on the files before they are fabricated to ensure the finished product will meet the specifications.

We also assist with the design of boards. We have in-house CAD designers to aid our customers in refining their design for greater manufacturability, reliability, and cost. This service is reserved for board customers, and typically has a waiting list, because as part of the service, we perform a DFM on the files as both a printed circuit board and an assembly. If you need the peace of mind that comes from assembling a quality printed circuit board, call DIVSYS. Our company was conceived to offer viable solutions to real world problems, not excuses for discrepant product.

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