Daiichi Industrial Company Ltd. (D1)

Daiichi (D1) is the largest used PCBA (SMT/AI) machine supplier in China. We buying & selling the Panasert, Fuji, Siemens...

Equipment Dealer / Broker

Daiichi (D1) buying and selling all type of used PCBA machines :

Panasonic :

CM602, CM402, CM202, CM201, CM301, HT122, MSR, MV2VB, MV2F, MV2F, MV2, BM, MSF, MPAV2B, MPAG3, MPAV, SPF, SPPV


Fuji :

NXT, CP8, CP7, CP643, CP6, XP, QP3, QP2, IP3


Siemens :

HS60, HS50, S27, S25, S23, S20, F5, F4



Infinity, Horizion, ELA, Vista, 288, 265 LT, 265 GSX



Accuflex, Excel, AP Hie, UP2000 Hie


Please feel free to contact us for any machine available for sales or buy.





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