Lund University, The Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University is among the leading engineering faculties in Europe, with more than 7000 undergraduates and 800 postgraduates.


LTH is one of few complete engineering faculties in Sweden. Besides the traditional engineering programmes we offer architecture, industrial design and fire safety engineering.

The research carried is of high international standard and is world-leading in several areas, such as nano-technology, combusting engineering and mobile communications, water resources, automatic control, laser physics and biotechnology.

Thanks to the fact that LTH belongs to a large university, cooperation between different disciplines is stimulated in a unique way. Consequently, LTH is recognized for its cross disciplinary research, e.g. between the medical and technical sciences.

LTH has close contact to business life. Ideon, Sweden’s first Research Park, is our neighbour. Moreover, international companies as Alfa Laval, Ericsson, Gambro and Tetra Pak are based in Lund.

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Heat Management in Printed Circuit Boards

Dec 16, 2010 | Jakob Dieterle

This report discusses the significance of heat management in the design of printed circuit boards (PCB). After an introduction into the basics of PCBs the crucial mechanisms of heat transfer are discussed with regard to significance and typical design par...

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