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OKI Printed Circuits is engaged in design, manufacturing and sales of high-end multi-layer printed circuit boards.

Contract Manufacturer

We leverage our long experience in our core technologies to develop high-detail/high-precision multilayer boards and products integrating them (e.g. functional module boards). In manufacturing, we have built a digital flexible production line based on a production quality-control system we developed in-house. This line has won us high praise for our ability to quickly meet the needs of our customers, as they move to increasingly large product lines, smaller lots, and ultra-short delivery cycles.

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Development of Ultra-Multilayer Printed Circuit Board

Jan 20, 2011 | Yasuyuki Shinbo

This article introduces the technical development that went in to realizing an 80-layer ultra-multilayer printed circuit board, which meets the market demand for a "semiconductor test board supporting memory increases"....

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