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PCT specializes in Parylene conformal coating. We also offer parylene dimer sales, machine sales & consulting services. We offer the fastest turn times in the industry and take pride in our excellent quality and customer service.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA

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  • Phone 814-254-4376
  • Fax 814-254-4057

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Conformal Coating Services

Conformal Coating Services


Conformal Coating Services


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Para Coat Technologies


Conformal Coating Services Description:

Para Coat Technologies was established in 2009. PCT is a manufacturing service provider specializing in the application of Parylene conformal coating and also provides Acrylic, Silicone and Urethane conformal coating along with Parylene Equipment Sales. We work with the Electronic, Medical, Automotive, and Aerospace Industries. We have over 25+ years experience in Parylene conformal coating services and accomodate all types of orders from full production to small engineering runs. We offer a fast 5 day turn time while industry standard is 10 days!

Conformal Coating Services:

Acrylic (Type AR):

Acrylic conformal coatings are easy to apply and will dry to the touch within minutes. Acrylics provide a high resistance to moisture and fungus as well as providing a moderate dielectric constant. These coatings can be removed with solvents which allow for ease of rework. Mil-I-46058C and IPC-CC-830 approved.

Polyurethane (Type UR):

Polyurethane conformal coatings offer more protective properties than acrylics. They provide excellent moisture, abrasive, and solvent resistance. These coatings also have exceptional dielectric properties. Due to their ability to resist solvents, a chemical stripper may be required for any repair work. Mil-I-46058C and IPC-CC-830 approved.

Silicone (Type SR):

Silicone conformal coatings function well in high temperature applications as well as providing exceptional corrosion and humidity resistance. Silicones are not solvent soluble and require chemical strippers for removal or repairs. Mil-I-46058C and IPC-CC-830 approved.

Parylene (Type XY):

Parylene is a common generic name for a unique series of polymers based on paraxylene. The parylenes are formed by the pyrolysis of a di-p-xylene (dimer) in a vacuum environment which is then deposited on the cooler, room temperature substrate within the vacuum chamber.
Vapor phase deposition of the parylene polymer allows it to be formed as a continuous film which is truly conformal to the structure of the substrate upon which it is being deposited.
Parylene films provide superior protection against moisture, chemicals, solvents and gases as well as being Mil-l-46058C and FDA approved.


  • Fast 5 day normal turn time
  • Great customer service
  • Parylene equipment sales
  • Small to large runs
  • No minimum lot quantity
  • No set-up or lot fees

Para-Coat Technologies Adhere to the following Industry Standards:

  • IPC-A-610 Acceptability Standard
  • IPC-7711 and IPC-7721 Rework and Repair
  • IPC Class 3 Standard for coating requirements – High Performance Electronic Products
  • IPC-J-STD End Item Standards
  • IPC-CC-830

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