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Semi automatic solder paste printer S400

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Semi automatic solder paste printer S400

Semi automatic solder paste printer S400


Semi automatic solder paste printer S400


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Semi automatic solder paste printer S400 Description:

Product features:

The servo system is convenient and accurate for positioning.

The Japanese THK guide rail and Taiwan STK variable frequency motor are used to drive the scraper base to ensure the printing accuracy.

The printing scraper can be rotated upward for 45 degrees to fix, which is convenient for the cleaning and replacement of printing screen plate and scraper.

The scraper holder can be adjusted back and forth to select the appropriate printing position.

The combined printing plate has fixed groove and pin, which is easy to install and adjust, and is suitable for single and double-sided printing.

The calibration mode adopts steel mesh moving, and combines with X, y, Z of printing (PCB). Calibration and fine adjustment are convenient and quick.

Using delta series PLC and man-machine interface control, simple, convenient, more suitable for man-machine dialogue. Delta inverter controls printing speed.

One way and two-way printing mode can be set.

It has automatic counting function, which is convenient for statistics of production output.

The angle of scraper is adjustable, steel scraper and rubber scraper are suitable.

The HMI has screen protection function to protect the service life of HMI.

With unique program design, the printing scraper seat is easy to adjust.

The printing machine speed is displayed on the man-machine interface, which can be adjusted and controlled by any digital.

Printing table area 320 × 450mm

The frame size is 370 × 470mm, 420 × 520mm, 550 × 650mm

Base plate size 250 × 330mm

The thickness of base plate is 0.2-2.2mm

Fixed PCB outer or pin positioning

Front / back ± 10mm R / L ± 10mm

Printing accuracy ± 0.05mm

The repetition accuracy of the machine is ± 0.02mm

The minimum spacing is 0.35mm

Use air pressure 4-6kgf / cm2

Use the power supply of 220V 50 / 60Hz 100W

Machine size L × w × h 900 × 900 × 1650 mm

Machine weight 250kg

Solder paste printing range

(1) SMT technology of resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode, triode and other chip components production and processing: 01005, 0201, 04020603, 0805, 1206 and other specifications and sizes;

(2) , IC: support SOP, TSOP, tssop, QFN and other packages, with a minimum pitch of 0.3mm;

BGA and CSP packaging are supported, and the minimum ball diameter (ball) is 0.2mm;

(3) Printing size: 50mm x 50mm ~ 370 × 470mm;

(4) PCB specification: thickness 0.6mm ~ 6mm

(5) FPC specification: thickness less than 0.6mm (with fixture)

Scope of application

Production and manufacturing of mobile phone, communication, LCD TV, set top box, home theater, vehicle electronics, medical power equipment, aerospace and other products / equipment, and general electronic products production and processing.

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