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JUKI High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R

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JUKI High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R

JUKI High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R


JUKI High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R


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JUKI High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R Description:




High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7R

(P16SxP16S head)

(P16Sxp8 head)

(P8xP8 head)

Board size

Single lane conveyer


50x50〜510mm x 450mm

Dual lane conveyer

Single lane mode


50x50〜510mm x 450mm

Dual lane mode

50x50〜510mm 1 x 250mm

Component height


3mm(P16S head),10.5mm(P8 head:


Component size


0201*3〜□5mm(P16S head)


0603^n25mm(P8 head)

Placement speed



75,000 CPH

54,900 CPH

34,800 CPH



6,400 CPH*4

12,800 CPH

Placement accuracy


±0.04 mm(Cpk^1)



±0.04 mm

Feeder capacity

Up to 56 *5

Power supply

3 phase AC200V. 220V-430V*6

Apparent power


Operating air pressure


Air consumption (standard)

20L/ min ANR (during normal operation)

Machine dimensions (WxDxH)*®


Mass (approximately)

約 1,820kg*9

High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter


*1 The BOC, BAD mark, and 2D code can be recognized when the board size X-axis is between 50 mm and 350 mm. *2 In long board mode.(Two PCBs up to 420mm can be produced simultaneously)

*3 Contact sales for details

*4 Using P8 head

*5 Using RF04AS or RF08AS feeders

*6 Optional transformer required for 220V - 430V

*7 P8 head requires 123mm additional space on the front for the feeder bank

*8 Display and signal light not included

*9 Using P16S x P16S head configuration, dual lane with trolleys


PCB conveyor

Support-pin / Support-sponge


Dedicated nozzle /Spare nozzle cartridge / Joint cable / Offset placement after solder screen-printing Ground-fault interrupter / SSD/ Maintenance light / CVS*1

Component handling

Feeder Trolley / Electric tape feeder / Fixed feeder banks (RF) / Ta

pereehTiounting base

and feeders

Feeder stocker *2 / Splicing jig / Feeder Calibration Jig Electnc Trc

)lley Power Station

*1 Contact sales for more details *2 Contact for availability of RF feeders


* JaNets

User definition / Facility definition / Component DB / Creating production programs / Line optimization Line monitoring / CAD conversion* / Cluster optimization

Virus measurement software

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