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BluePrint-PCB - Automating the Documentation Process

BluePrint-PCB - Automating the Documentation Process

BluePrint-PCB - Automating the Documentation Process


BluePrint-PCB - Automating the Documentation Process



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DownStream Technologies LLC

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DownStream Technologies LLC

DownStream is a software company focused on helping engineering organizations automate the PCB Release Process. We offer tools that help optimize, validate and document PCB designs before they are released to manufacturing.

Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

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BluePrint-PCB - Automating the Documentation Process Description:

Create Comprehensive PCB Documentation to Drive PCB Fabrication, Assembly and Inspection

BluePrint-PCB is the premier PCB document authoring solution to create the manufacturing specifications for an electronic product. Comprehensive documentation records the engineering “intent” of a design specifying the form, fit and function of the PCB. Successful PCB documentation drives the procurement process, aids manufacturing engineering, and is used in final inspection to verify the product was built to specification.

Features and Functionality:

BluePrint imports the PCB CAD database to automatically create and link unlimited PCB views and details while maintaining the design intelligence. It uses a document and sheet-based approach allowing you to drag and drop PCB views, details, notes, and tables onto a drawing sheet, then arrange and format them as needed. BluePrint-PCB’s patented technology allows all views, details and charts of the PCB to remain linked to the original CAD data. Whenever the original data is changed, the information in BluePrint-PCB is refreshed and updated, simplifying the ECO process.

BluePrint allows for easier navigation of documentation through the use of “active” pages. BluePrint creates live, interactive documentation that can also incorporate multimedia and hyperlinks. This structure allows you to easily view, comprehend, and use the documentation, while also simplifying the distribution across the supply chain. BluePrint offers state-of-the-art methods to view BluePrint documents, via the BluePrint application, in PDF, on the web, or with a stand-alone free viewer.

With BluePrint, PCB engineering groups can expect to reduce the documentation process to a fraction of the time it normally takes - even more when engineering change orders (ECOs) are required.


  • Automates the creation of PCB documentation
  • Increases documentation detail and accuracy
  • Improves manufacturing instructions
  • Simplifies manufacturing inspection
  • Creates one electronic “release package”
  • Eases PCB documentation distribution and use

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