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DFMStream™ Design for Manufacturing Software

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DownStream Technologies LLC

DownStream is a software company focused on helping engineering organizations automate the PCB Release Process. We offer tools that help optimize, validate and document PCB designs before they are released to manufacturing.

Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

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DFMStream™ Design for Manufacturing Software

DFMStream™ Design for Manufacturing Software


DFMStream™ Design for Manufacturing Software



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DownStream Technologies LLC

DFMStream™ Design for Manufacturing Software Description:

Verify Design and Manufacturing Rules Anytime during the PCB Design Cycle

Preparing PCB design data to be released to manufacturing is a critical yet often fragile step in the new product introduction process. Designs that work in a virtual PCB CAD system may unknowingly break critical manufacturing rules. When these rules are overlooked, manufacturing halts, delivery times get delayed, and work arounds are performed.

While manufacturers are fully capable of addressing these critical issues, resolutions are rarely fed back into the source CAD data resulting in repeated DFM violations on later runs. In worse case scenarios, design intent may also be unknowingly sacrificed when a third party alters a design. With DFMStream you can avoid all this, saving precious time and resources, simply by locating and amending manufacturing issues and barriers in advance.

DFMStream™ is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use tool suite designed to help engineers and designers verify design and manufacturing rules on PCB design databases, Gerber and NC data any time during the PCB design cycle. DFMStream also fosters collaboration between you and your fabricator.

Features and Functionality

DFMStream offers full verification of design and manufacturing rules on PCB design databases, Gerber, and NC Data to ensure the data complies with design intent, as well as the manufacturers requirements. With DFMStream, rule files may be saved and re-used in the future for specific vendor capabilities, greatly reducing set up time for DFM verification. DFMStream was designed for the user who understands the importance of analysis and wants to conduct it in a robust environment, easily and affordably. DFMStream offers intelligent data exchange options and many powerful features.

  • Comprehensive, fast, design data analysis and rule checking
  • Clean reporting and graphical displays to simplify analysis results
  • Unique features to streamline quoting, manufacturing, and communication
  • Quick to learn, install, and use, for even the most novice users

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