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MTS 30 Sparrow - Portable In-Circuit Test System

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Digitaltest is a Leading Test Equipment Supplier of; High Accuracy Flying Probe Systems. High Speed, Non-Multiplexed, In-Circiuit Test Solutions. Functional Test Solutions. CAD/CAE, SPC and CAD Translation Software.

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MTS 30 Sparrow - Portable In-Circuit Test System

MTS 30 Sparrow - Portable In-Circuit Test System


MTS 30 Sparrow - Portable In-Circuit Test System


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Digitaltest Inc.


MTS 30 Sparrow - Portable In-Circuit Test System Description:

Non-Multiplexed (1:1) In-Circuit (ICT), fuctional and hybrid test system with IEEE, PXI, Boundary Scan and Flash Programming.

The smallest system of the tester family is the MTS30, which is available in a portable 19” rack format.

The complete test system offers the possibility to run both analog and digital tests in a chassis that can be configured in any 19” rack. Additionally, the MTS30 rack can also accommodate other 19“ units  with up to 6 UPS power supplies.

With the available In-Circuit and Functional Test Modules most of the required testing tasks can be resolved in a simple and cost-effective manner.

The system configuration is the same as other Digitaltest systems with a parallel system bus structure that connects the analogue and digital test modules with a centralised processing module.

The MTS30 has the same hardware modules as the MTS300. Therefore, the same levels of test and fault coverage can be achieved and within the limitations of the number of test nodes existing MTS300 test programs can be used on the MTS30.

Despite its small footprint, the MTS30 with 8 slots can take up to 1024 analog test pins or digital hybrid pins or a mix of both types. Furthermore carrier boards for Memory Programming, User controlled Relay modules, Pullup/Pulldown modules, Frequency/Time Measuring modules etc. are also available.

The integration with an existing software environment e.g. Labview from National Instruments can be easily realised using an open communication interface.
The MTS30 is also available in a 19“ Test Tower with a pylon interface at customer request.

All the currently available software tools from Digitaltest can be used with the MTS30, using  C-LINK DTM for example it is a simple matter to convert available CAD data for test program generation.

Programs from other customer test systems like GenRad, Teradyne, HP, Marconi as well as other MTS test systems can be easily ported to the MTS 30. Compared to self-designed test tools, the MTS 30 can also be integrated into cross-linked management systems.

The MTS Test System Family

  • Sparrow MTS30 - Bench Top Tester
  • Eagle MTS180 - Press Down Tester
  • Sigma MTS300 - Vacuum Tester
  • Condor MTS500 - Flying Probe Tester
  • Omega MTS888 - High Performance Tester
  • Lambda - Concurrent Tester
  • Falcon - In-Line Tester

Common features:

  • Complete ICT & FCT Capability
  • Boundary Scan
  • Memory Programming and Flash
  • Dynamic High Speed

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